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SBI PO Syllabus : The State Bank of India will issue an official notice of the vacancy of the Probationary Officer. Top time, baptismal candidates who are interested in the post can start with their preparation for the employment test. To assist candidates, we have provided a detailed examination pattern and syllabus for the Prelims and Mains Exam. State Bank of India The SBI PO is one of the most sought-after Government tests in the country by all Bank Exam Aspirants. If you want to excel in the SBI PO exam, then prepare yourself according to the latest SBI PO and Exam Pattern syllabus. This will help you increase your SBI PO preparation in the right way.
The SBI PO selection process is divided into three phases:
Initial Test Magistrates’ Examination
Group Chat and Personal Chat (GD & PI)
SBI Prelims and Mains tests will be done online only. The Prelims Exam test is a test of choice for those who will pass the Mains test. It is compulsory to pass each test. Let’s take a look at the details of the SBI PO Syllabus & Exam Pattern.

Eligibility criteria : Age: Candidate must not be under 20 years of age and not older than 28 years from April 1, 2021.
Qualifications: Graduate in any degree from a recognized University. Those in their final year / semester of graduation may apply on a temporary basis on the condition that, if elected on a temporary basis, they will be required to provide proof of passing the graduation examination before or before August 16th.

SBI PO Syllabus & Exam Pattern: The SBI PO syllabus for Prelims and Mains Exam is almost identical. There is only a slight change in the Mains category where two more categories are added namely general awareness and banking. But, the difficulty level of the SBI PO Mains Paper is slightly higher than the Prelims.
Highlights of SBI PO Prelims Exam : State Bank of India The following are the highlights of the SBI PO Prelims Exam There will be three stages.
A list of eligible category will be drawn based on the merging marks obtained in the Preliminary Exam.
There will be no classification. But, there will be a complete cut.
There will be a negative mark of 0.25 marks for every wrong answer.
All questions will have a purpose in nature.
This Mains paper will have four sections for a total of 200 marks.
The examination period for the SBI PO Mains Exam will be three hours. State Bank of India The aim test will have a different time for all categories.
There will be no segmentation. There will be only a complete cut.
There will be a penalty of 0.25 marks for all incorrect many choice questions.
Explanatory Paper with 50 marks is a must try.
SBI PO Syllabus: Data Analysis : State Bank of India State Bank of India The following topics are covered under the Data Analysis section: Graph Table,
Line Graph,
Pie Chart,
Graph Bar,
Radar Graph-ace case,
Lost case DI,
Let it be a DI case,
Data Sufficiency,
Permutation and Combination.

SBI PO Syllabus: Reasoning : State Bank of India The following topics are covered under the consultation section: Oral consultation,
Syllogism, Circular seat arrangement, Accommodation Arrangement, Two Classes, Editing, Input-output, Blood Relationships, Directions and distance, Planning and support, Data Sufficiency, Coding and word analysis, Code Inequality, Action Course, Important Reasoning, Analyze and make decisions.

SBI PO Syllabus: English Language : State Bank of India The following topics are covered under the English language category: Learning to Understand, Grammar, Vocabulary, The Power of Speech, Voice Organization, Development of sentences, I Para Jumbles, Cloze trial, Detect error, Fill in the blanks.
SBI PO Syllabus: General Awareness/ Economy/ Banking Awareness : State Bank of India The following topics are discussed under the Economic section: Financial Awareness, Current Affairs, General Information,
Strong Awareness, Banking and Finance Awareness.
SBI PO Syllabus: Computer Aptitude : State Bank of India The following topics are covered under the Computer Aptitude section: Internet,
Immemorial, Keyboard shortcuts, Computer Summary, Microsoft Office, Computer hardware, Computer Software,
Operating system, Sites, Computer Fundamentals / Terms,
SBI PO GD & PI Topics : State Bank of India Candidates who will appear in the SBI party interview and Personal Interview will be given hot topics. It will be very helpful if you fix the pros and cons of the SBI PO GD & PI article. Some of the topics on which the SBI PO GD and PI will be based are as follows: The Impact of COVID-19 on Earth Public Service Booking System. Water disputes FDI in India Gold Making Scheme
Women Empowerment Impact of Brexit
Facebook Data Complaint – Cambridge Analytica Digital India
Should cryptocurrency be legalized? If questions about financial matters are asked at that time, it may be related to the NPA such as what the NPA, its type, RBI and banks can control. Consolidation of national banks, How can we bring efficiency and profit to public sector banks, and so on. When they go with important non-financial issues / topics. State Bank of IndiaIt can relate to our nation and issues affecting the country.

SBI PO 2021 Final Selection : State Bank of India The final points for the SBI PO Exam are calculated with the following points in mind:
Protected marks in the Preliminary Exam (Phase 1) will not be considered for selection
Applicants must be eligible for Phase 2 and Phase 3 to qualify Marks protected by candidates for the SBI PO Mains Exam (out of 250 marks) are converted to 75 and the marks awarded to the Exercise and Discussion Group (out of 50 marks) are converted to 25. This makes 100 new total points (Mains + GD / PI) 100
A total of 100 points are used for the final qualifying list for each category. Students with the highest level of qualification in each category are finally selected.
SBI PO Exam 2021: Preparation: State Bank of India Candidates from the SBI PO Exam 2021 must follow the preparation tips provided below: State Bank of India To pass the SBI PO Exam 2021, one needs to do as many test papers as possible. Regular practice helps you to be aware of your mistakes and to understand their effectiveness. This will assist in general information, Explanatory Paper, Discussion in the SBI PO Examination.
SBI Clerk Syllabus 2021 : State Bank of India The SBI Clerk program is very like any bank check. There are three main stages that a student must prepare for the first test. State Bank of India This is Consultation, Numeracy and the English language. The sections have different topics on which questions are based. It is recommended that baptismal candidates look at the papers from the previous year and know the weight of each article. Before going through the SBI Clerk Syllabus program, you need to know about the SBI Clerk Exam Pattern.
SBI PO Mains General Awareness Syllabus of State Bank of India :State Bank of India This section examines candidates’ information on current affairs and finances and banking. State Bank of India SO me key topics for this category are: Financial Awareness Strong Awareness Insurance Principles Current News – Technology, Sports, Awards, Books and Writers, Awards, National and International Events, etc. General Information Bank Terminology Information
Bank Awareness.

SBI PO Mains Computer Aptitude Syllabus of State Bank of India: State Bank of India Basic information on Computer Hardware and software will be tested. Refer to the following content to learn more about the main topics of this section: The Internet Keyboard shortcuts Microsoft Office Computer software Communication Basic Logic Gates
Immemorial Computer Summary Computer hardware Operating system Computer Fundamentals / Terms
System Number.
SBI PO Mains Descriptive Test Syllabus of State Bank of India : State Bank of India Applicants are given 30 minutes to complete the form There are 2 questions in total in this section Writing books and Essay writing
Letters and explanations may be requested to be written on any topic related to banking changes, social / political or economic policies. Each question has 25 marks that make up a total of 50 marks.
SBI PO 2021 Group Discussion/ Interview syllabus of State Bank of India : The Group Exercise will be awarded 20 marks and in a personal interview, 30 marks will be awarded.
OBC applicants, who will be eligible for the Group’s training and interview round, should submit a ‘Non Creamy Layer’ clause.
Applicants, who will appear in the SBI PO Group Dialogue and Personal Interview, will receive lively and current topics. Some of the popular

SBI PO GD and PI topics are highlighted in the following: State Bank of India The impact of COVID-19 on the world. Public Service Booking System Gold Making Scheme FDI in India Is the right to freedom being abused? Cleanliness should be a priority for all citizens.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the One Rank One Pension scheme?
What steps should be taken to avoid the NPA?

SBI Integration: Good and Bad?
What do you think about booking education and jobs?
How important is Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in India right now?
NSG is an hour-long need for India.
The train budget had to meet the standard budget ahead of time.
Employment of women is possible through mass awareness rather than presenting programs.
Is the government renaming old tactics?
Wind Vs Solar Energy?

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