14. Indian Information Service

The Indian Administrative Service is regarded as the leading service in India and provides
attractive, challenging job. Members of the I.A.S. work for provincial governments or
The Supreme Government also assisted them in the governance of the country. Members of this
The service holds various administrative positions such as District Collector, Heads of Departments, Heads of
State-owned enterprises at government level etc. He can also be sent by messengers to the Center
Government in various positions.

The Indian Police Service has a strong focus on law enforcement and law enforcement
country. This is the prime minister in uniform in the country. The I.P.S officer is working
both Central Governments and Governments. He works for the National Government in a variety of skills
from the Assistant Superintendent of Police at the beginning of his tenure to the Director
The General of Police (the head of the police force in his province) is in the retirement category. He
he can also work for the Central Government in various organizations such as the Central Reserve Police
Force, Border Security Force, Central Bureau of Investigation, Intelligence Bureau, Research
and Analysis Wing (RAW) etc.

The Indian Foreign Service is our centralized service and embassy service
country. The members of this service, represent the country especially internationally. I
the service offers significant exposure to various political, social, racial and cultural contexts. The I.F.S
the officer may be sent to any of the Indian Embassies and consulates abroad. They can be too
sent to institutions such as the United Nations, UNESCO, World Bank, SAARC, etc. Back home,
can be forwarded to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and as an employee of the Passport Region.

This service deals with issues related to Income Tax. Members of this service are starting
their role as assistants to the Income Tax Commissioners and they can rise to the level of Head
Income Tax Commissioners. Indian Custom and Central Excise Service:
Members of this service own Customs and Central Excise Departments. They started
Their job as Customer Assistant / Central Excise Assistants and they may rise to the top of management
at the level of the Chief Transport Collector.

Absence of a Member, other than the Chairperson or the Member
The Commission will not suspend the proceedings of the Commission. Subject to i
11ember was duly invited but was unable to participate in the discussions
Departmental Promotion Committee due to prior knowledge of the work to be done in it
always sent immediately in writing. Provided that most
The members of the Departmental Development Committee are present at the meeting.

if space is not possible for more than three months:

Provided that if the space is likely to exceed three months, i
The State Government will receive prior approval from the Central Government
to continue with a non-cadre officer for a period of more than three months.

9 (2) The position of cadre may not be filled by a person other than a cadre officer
in accordance with the following principles, namely:

(a) if a selected list is active, the nomination or nomination will be
made in the order of the names of the officers in the selected list;

(b) if it is proposed to be on the list of names from the Election
List, the State Government will immediately make a recommendation for that in the Central
The government and the reasons for that and the appointment will only be made
with the approval of the Central Government;

(c) if the Select List is invalid and it is proposed that a Nominee be nominated
The official on the list, the State Government will immediately make a recommendation for that
Central Government and the reasons for that and the appointment will be
done only with the prior approval of the Central Government;

109 (3) Where the cadre vacancy is likely to be filled by a person who is not a cadre officer.
for more than six months, the Central Government will report the full facts to
Union Public Service Commission and reasons why it is not eligible
an officer is available to fill a position and may by following the advice given by
The Union Public Service Commission provides appropriate guidance to the State Government

119 (4) Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, in respect of the State
In Nagaland and Union Territories, the cadre position can be filled by a person o
is a member of the Indian Frontier Administrative Service and was recruited into the Service
before January 1,

reasons for the proposal;

(b) the time that the National Government proposes to keep office vacant
or hold it and go;

(c) provisions, if any, for the incumbent; and

(d) whether it is proposed to implement any of the applications
the functions of the office must be kept blank or suspended, and if so, the details thereof

  1. 14 The holding of more than one position by the chief of staff – (i) National Government
    concerned in respect of a position held by the State Cadre or Joint Cadre, as
    the case may be, in order to facilitate leave arrangements for an indefinite period of time
    for more than six months, direct that any two-party posts or cadre positions and
    an equal position can be held at the same time by one card officer. (ii) When the State Government deems it necessary to do so, it does so
    may, with the prior approval of the Central Government, direct that the positions be regulated
    held simultaneously by a single card holder under sub-rule (i), may
    continue to be held that way for more than six months but, in any case, not more
    twelve months from the date the vacancies came into effect
    administered under sub-rule (i).
    11A.15The authority to exercise certain powers in respect of members of the Service
    to work on the affairs of the States that make up the Joint Cadre: –
    Powers of National Government under the second provision of subsection (2) of rule 4,
    under subsection (i) of subsection (2) of rule 6 and under Rules 7, 10 and 11, in relation to
    members of the Unit are responsible for the affairs of any Council
    The countries to be used by the Government of that region.

11B.16The authority to exercise certain powers in respect of members of the Unit
to work on the affairs of the State which includes Joint Cadre: – The
powers of National Government under Act 9, in respect of members of the Service
to act in relation to the affairs of any State or Government shall be exercised
by the Government of that Kingdom.

The second proviso requires that the post be temporarily added to the cadre
must bear the duties and responsibilities of the same cardinal duties. Exercise for
these powers of the National Government in respect of a function include purpose
an assessment of the nature of the duties and responsibilities attached to that position
compared to those replaced by cadre. So posts cannot be temporarily added
in the unit unless these positions already exist in the party.
4.2. Post payment rate, temporarily added to the category, should also be
the same as that of the corresponding cadre position. Thus, when the payment of
The position of Secretary in this framework is high, it will not be the way, to add
temporarily replacing the Secretary’s cadre on a senior term.

Both of these provisions are independent of each other and do not exist
connected. The second provision of rule 4 (2) of the Cadre Rules gives effect
Provincial governments have made temporary additions to the non-existent sector
to exceed the limit indicated there. Rule 9 of the Payment Rules, on the other hand,
provides for the regulation of remuneration of cardinals appointed to non-sectoral (cadre) positions.
Provincial Governments have the power to appoint senior officers to those positions below
their control to the extent that the appointment should not exceed the value
positions in the reserve of government agencies. Non-cadre (ex-cadre) sends to
which officers are appointed will not lead to the vacancies being temporary
the addition of a team within the second provision of rule 4 (2) of Cadre.

It will emerge from the discussion above that the provision is made for it
to meet the urgent and urgent need for additional administrative tasks or
obligations such as vacancies under the condition that those positions will be
held by unit police only. In real time to use this feature they are
rare and often the need for that additional key position is not overdue
one year. If the need for such additional vacancies for more than one year
the need is often considered permanent without the Provincial Government
they are confident that they will not need these positions for a longer period of time
for more than three years in total. Therefore, steps must be taken to be included
such positions in permanent positions at the end of one year. The idea that by
which includes such positions in permanent positions, the State Government will be able to
properly assess their employment requirements on a competitive basis

If no cadre official is available, a temporary post is created with anything
appointments, should not be added to the IAS / IPS field. If the position is held by the State
The Police Service Officer whether on the Select List or not, will be temporary
in addition to the Community / State Police Service or a former official listed
against the deputation reserve, if any, provided in the sector or will be an independent position
At the State / Police Service where State Officials / Police Officers may be
appointed with the approval of the Public Service Commission, if applicable
by State Laws.

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