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Additional Director General

Additional Director General

When the volume of work in the Department exceeds the value
Controlable costs of Secretary, one or more units may be established
and Special Secretary / Additional Secretary / Joint Secretary, in charge
each wing. Such work is entrusted with a high rate of
independent performance and commitment in relation to all businesses
to fall within the head of his wing, in the normal load of
Administrative Secretary for the whole unit.

Additional Director General
Additional Director General

Additional Director General

/ The Deputy Secretary is an official acting on behalf of the Secretary. He
he holds the Secretariat Division and is responsible for dissolving it
of a State-owned enterprise conducted within its Subsidiary. He
should, usually be able to dismiss most of the upcoming cases
he alone. He must use his discretion in taking Joint orders
Clerk / secretary in the most important cases, verbally or verbally
paper delivery.

Under Secretary signed in
Responsibility for Branch Service with two or more Phases once
about that applies both controls about the transmission of
business and ethical preservation. Work comes from him
parts under him. As a Branch Manager, you lose a lot
charges as best he can at his level but he takes the orders of his Deputy
Secretary or senior officials in important cases.

(i) Employment equity among employees
it is possible;
(ii) Training, assisting and mentoring staff;
(iii) Management and co-ordination;
(iv) Maintaining order and discipline in the section;
(v) Maintaining a list of residential addresses Staff.

Additional Director General

He operates under the direction and supervision of the Section Manager
and he is responsible for the work entrusted to him. When the line of
action by case is clear whether the Branch Officer or the senior management has given it
clear instructions, he should put the draft without much comment. Ku
in some cases you will write a note that lists the following points

Additional Director General

(i) to ascertain whether all facts open to examination are correct
it is said;
(ii) expose any errors or incorrect statements of fact;
(iii) to draw attention to, where applicable, the precepts or Regulations
and the Regulations in this regard;
(iv) file monitoring, if necessary, and provide individual
facts and relevant statistics;
(v) clearly state the question under consideration once
suggest a course to be taken.

You will keep the officer from having a normal job by posting
letters, paperwork, appointments, meeting planning
and collecting information to give the officer more time to donate
himself in the profession of his choice. Personal Assistant
will maintain confidentiality and confidentiality and secrecy
papers entrusted to him. He will use his ability in human relationships as well
be sensitive to people who are in contact with his or her supervisor legally
or who are not helpful to his or her manager or who have a relationship with the manager as
professional people. Some of the specific tasks are listed

(i) take the summative pronunciation and its spelling in the best possible way
in a possible way ;.
(ii) fix appointments and, if necessary, cancel them;
(iii) intelligently monitoring telephones and visitors
(iv) maintaining an accurate list of discussions, meetings, etc. once
to remind the police early to keep them
(v) to keep, in the proper order, the required documents
kept by the Officer;
(vi) keeping a file transfer note, which is recognized by his or her officer
and other officers, if necessary;
(vii) vandalism by burning stenographic record
secret and confidential letters after they have been rewritten
(viii) to amend the officer ‘s reference books
and to make appropriate copies of draft non-official books for
signed by an official;
(ix) generally assist him in the manner prescribed by him
at the same time, he should avoid the temptation to waste time
to him the authority of his commander.

Assistant Clerk Secretaries are usually tasked
normal environment, for example – Dak registration, Section maintenance
Diary, File Register, File Transfer Register, Identifying and recording, typing,
comparisons, referrals, credit adjustments and other statements, surveillance
for the preparation of reference books and the distribution of procedures and simple documents

They are usually referred to the Conditional Sections
of the Companies Act, 1956/2013. They work under orders too
supervision of the Divisional Officer / Assistant Director and are responsible
for the task entrusted to them.
Where the line of action in the case is clear either the Branch Officer or
Senior officials have given clear instructions, they should include a draft
without much attention. In some cases you will write the target note,
next point

(i) to determine whether all facts as they are open to examination are correct
it is said;
(ii) expose any errors or erroneous statements of fact;
(iii) attention where necessary to precedents or Rules and
Regulations on the topic;
(iv) to keep the Guardian File, if necessary, and to provide appropriate alternatives
facts and figures;
(v) clearly state the question in question and the suggestion
course where possible.

They should work under Sr. Analyst and Jr. Analyst in R&A Division
to deal with work related to the O&M Division

(i) Flesh Preservation of Section records.
(ii) General cleanliness and maintenance of the Divisional Division.
(iii) Carrying files and other documents inside a building.
(iv) Copying, FAX submissions etc.
(v) Other non-secretarial work in the Divisional Division.
(vi) Assist in normal office work such as diary, dispatch etc.
including computer, dak delivery (excluding
structure) etc.

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