Additional District Magistrate Joint Secretary

Additional District Magistrate Joint Secretary

The district is the basic administrative unit in the district and district collector
(ZIladhikari) or District Magistrate (Zila Magistrate) is the district head
Management in Uttar Pradesh. He has been appointed by the State Government and is
a member of the Indian Administrative Service (I.A.S.) recruited by Central
Government. He has great power and many responsibilities. In many ways you are
the chief keeper of the law and the authority, the pivot in which the area operates
to manage.

The District Collector is a busy district head
in the areas of revenue management, public administration, development,
panchayats, local organizations, etc. Because of the great importance of his office, this District
The collector is considered a measuring rod for efficiency in control.
In practice the regional administration is carried out through a variety of processes
Departments of each National Government have their office in
regional level. The District Collector is a major regional leader
administrative and Regional officials of the various Departments in the region
I have provided technical advice to him as he performs his duties.

The District Collector is the chief revenue officer in the district.
In matters of revenue, you are responsible to the Government through the Unit
Commissioner and Chairperson, Finance Board. He faces charges
the collection of land revenue, other types of government taxes, levies and all other levies
can be reimbursed as a land income debt. You have a responsibility to make sure that
accurate and up-to-date records of land rights.
The collector is assisted by the officials of the Sub-Divisional Administration on Revenue Administration
(Drug) at Tehsil Level. Both Collector and SDOs deal with different worlds
human issues such as border disputes, genetic modification, retention and
map editing, Land consolidation etc. As a Regional Collector, he is
the highest paid legal authorities in the region.

As the District Magistrate, he also directs all the Presiding Magistrates in the district as well
controls and directs police actions. On the magistrates’ side, he has the power of first instance. The District Collector is in charge of law and order
it is the foundation of a civilized life. With the help of SSP, you maintain law and order
in the region. Through wise use of power given under various means
laws, take preventive measures to ensure public peace and tranquility
region. He has the power to bind up evildoers so that they will live in peace and prosperity
conduct, to act to prevent arrest under Criminal Procedure Code, enforcement
restrictions on illegal association or even set a time limit for freedom
movement in declared areas, remove danger to public health, order
testing of robust criminals from regional borders and guidelines for
regular reporting to the local police about his whereabouts,
issuing / suspending / canceling firearm licenses, a detention order under National ban
The Security Act, if there is a threat to public safety, provides amnesty for convicted criminals / convicted criminals etc. The District Magistrate (DM) is the head of the Prison.
Management and region

As the chief executive of public administration, all departments
of the district, otherwise with their officers, look to him for guidance again
linking. He is also responsible for developing rural areas
schemes. In addition, he has a responsibility, as a Regional Electoral Officer, to the peaceful
and the formal conduct of all elections held in the region from time to time. Because
Lok Sabha constituency / constituency elections for his constituency, he serves as
The Returning Officer. Provides practical assistance during the census. You are in control
and regulates the distribution of rare rare commodities, etc. He keeps it
to communicate with the military authorities in his area and He has Strong Authority
by land grabbing for military purposes. In any important social issue
which does not directly fall into the category of any government department, the State
or Middle, he, as general director, needs to consider
a matter of public interest and lead to its logical conclusion with the help of others
A government department or by considering a matter in his office. In short,
nothing significant happens in the region in which he is not
related, directly or indirectly

The Collectorate is the chair of the Regional Administration and has an office of D.M.
It also has offices for ADM, City Magistrate, ACMs, courts and various divisions
to assist the above employees such as Office Superintendents, Nazarat, Income
Assistant, Legal Assistant, Suits Clerk, Weapons Secretary, Maal Khana, Recording Room
Guardian, Consolidation Officer etc.

The post of Additional District Magistrate has been created to assist the District
An officer in his daily work. The Additional District Magistrate is delighted
the same powers as the District Officer under the laws.
ADM is the second administrative officer led by a district magistrate. You’re kidding
various administrative functions under the direction of the DM. There are three ADMs
in the Bareilly region namely ADM (Large), ADM (Finance and Revenue) and ADM

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