Air Commodore of Air Fours 2022-23

Air Commodore AK Pan, VSM, took command of 26 Equipment Depot, Air Force in Bengaluru. A graduate of Science at JNU, New Delhi and a Bachelor of Science degree in Madras University, Air Commodore AK Pan was offered a job at the Indian Air Force Transport Department on June 11, 1988. He was awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal on January 26, 2016 for outstanding service. . He was also commended by the Chief Aviation Officer in January 1994 and the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief in Apr 1995. In his 33-year career, he has held a number of staff and positions in the transport department and has held numerous positions. become a professional sailor with more than 1,400 hours of free flight experience. He is a student of Sainik School Purulia, National Defense Academy, Defense Services Staff College and National Defense College.

Graduating with her B.Com degree from Loyola College, Chennai, in 1972, R Vijayakumar like any other bright Tamil Brahmin began practicing chartered accountancy. Hoever, a military paratrocker who bit him shortly after India’s victory in Pakistan in 1971 the war was raging inside him. He quit his job by numbers, became an Authorized Officer in the Indian Air Force (IAF) in 1976 and worked for just over three years.

“It was India’s victory in the 1971 war against Pakistan that motivated me to join the army. Otherwise, I would have continued to have accountancy to grow like any other middle class,” he told IANS. He also participated in the activities of IPKF and Kargil. However, he quit his job as an accounting student and joined the Army, becoming involved in the world of financial accounting at the IAF.

As the Director of Financial Planning responsible for IAF Funding for Rs 15,000 crore per annum. Prior to his retirement, Team Captain Vijayakumar was a Financial Adviser to the Air Officer Commanding in Chief of Western Air Command overseeing operations throughout the northern region, including Jammu and Kashmir as well as the snow in Siachen. The recipient of the Vishisht Seva Award, has been awarded a medal of honor by the Chief of Air Staff and the Air Officer Commanding in Chief four times for honoring the service.

“Armed Forces provide an opportunity to develop personal qualifications. I have completed law from the University of Jodhpur, a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management (IRPM) from Nagpur University and a Master of Management Studies from Osmania University,” said Vijayakumar. Leaving the IAF in 2007, he joined the Madras Management Association (MMA) as Executive Director. A golfer, he accompanied the India Golf Team to participate in international tournaments.

Air Commodore Atul Saggar took over the reins of the Air Force Station Borjhar, from Air Commodore Venkat T Mare VSM, on Tuesday. The Air Force is an alumnus of the National Defense Academy (NDA), Khadakwasla. He was assigned to the Indian Air Force Flying Branch as a helicopter pilot on December 14, 1991. The officer is an experienced Helicopter pilot with more than 4,600 flight hours and has flown extensively in the North East for various missions.

He has done a Staff Course at Defense Service Staff College, Wellington, Higher Air Command Course at the College of Air Warfare, Secunderabad and an Advanced Professional Program in Public Administration at the Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi. Air Commodore Saggar is a Qualified Aviation Instructor and has commissioned the Operational Helicopter Unit and Air Base in the North East region. The Air Force also operated in Namibia as part of the Training Team and as Air Attaché in Ukraine, the release said.

Indian Air Attache of France, Air Commodore Hilal Ahmad Instead, became Rafale’s first pilot from France to India on July 27. He was previously associated with the use of the Rafale aircraft to meet India requirements. , News18 report.

Among other things, he is a decorated aviation officer. On December 17, 1988, he was assigned to the Indian Air Force as a pilot. He later went on to become a flight lieutenant in 1993, commander in 2004, team captain in 2016 and air commodore in 2019, the report said.

She was born south of Kashmir in Anantnag district, instead she was born to middle-class parents and has three sisters. Hilal’s father, the late Mohammad Abdullah Instead, retired as Deputy Superintendent of Police (Dy SP) in the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) police department.

Air Commodore M Fernandez gave the order to Air Force Station Adampur to Captain R Bhasin’s team on Sunday. Fernandez was recently promoted to Air Vice-Marshal at Air Headquarters, Vayu Bhawan in New Delhi. Air Commodore M Fernandez was assigned to the Indian Air Force on December 29, 1982.

Prior to taking over the reins of the Air Force Station Adampur, he was appointed as Air – I at Head Quarters Western Air Command, Indian Air Force in New Delhi.

He has received various courses including Joint Air Warfare Course, Defense Services Staff College Course etc., for his 28-year career. For its outstanding services, the official was awarded the Vayu Sena Medal and the Vishisht Seva Medal.

These Air Force regulations were issued under the authority of the Government of
India has also replaced the “Royal Indian Air Force- (Rules) Rules – Reprint
1942 “and” Principles of the Indian Air Force – orders of His Excellency
Great Commander in India, Re-Print 1945 “. Spirit and other Officials
they are responsible for ensuring that these regulations are strictly adhered to in that area
instructions or instructions that may be issued from time to time do not comply in any way,
and these regulations.
Questions these regulations do not provide accurately or adequately will be
face each other in accordance with their spirit and purpose.
These regulations do not replace or cancel any administration and department
regulations, orders and directives that are currently in force and governed
special categories of officers and men or others contain special provisions purely
an administrative environment and therefore does not hate the spirit of these regulations.
Such commands and commands add to and enhance this
Employees are expected to interpret and apply these regulations in an appropriate and timely manner
with regard to the interest of the services, remember that no effort has been made
to provide for necessary and transparent alternatives, or for matters to be dealt with
by local authorities.
When questions arise about the proper meaning of these regulations, finally
the decision on the matter will remain with the Government of India.
The Department’s and other regulations are supported, and take its mandate in this regard
regulations. In the event of any discrepancy between those regulations and the Regulations of
Air Force, the latest authority is very important.

The following principles when applied to these regulations will be regarded as: –
Air Force Officer: Air commodore level officer or higher.
Chief Air Commander: A spirit or other official appointed to rule the spirit
enforce the order and include the officer in charge at the time during his absence
of the officer designated for that function.
Air or other Commander-in-Chief: Officer-in-Chief of the Air Force
or make-up. It also applies to the officer in charge of that air force or
formation in the absence of a designated officer.
Airman or Airmen: A general term that includes a warrant officer, Warrant officer, a
a non-commissioned officer, pilot, professional trainee without any clear airline crew
removed from the context of the regulations or unless the context clearly hates that
Appointment: When applied in relation to a position, it only applies to the provision of an acting position, however
paid or unpaid.
Default: Pilot who receives incarceration penalty.
Establishment: Statement of number of officers, flight attendants, citizens, temporary staff,
aircraft, marine vessels and accredited vehicles for their official use,
and shown in detail: –
(a) the function of the unit (policy) and the internal organization in stages;
(b) numbers of positions, branches, and appointments of officers;
(c) the numbers according to the levels with the merchants or categories of air crews, allocated
in the appropriate categories;
(d) the numbers according to the levels and trade of the allocated citizens
(e) airline numbers;
(f) numbers for the types of transport vehicles and marine vessels.

Compulsory Arrival: Any forced or guarded arrival with or without a known flight or
landing point, random at the start of the flight. Examples of forced arrival
those made because the pilot will no longer be able to stay in the air due to the airframe or engine
failure or impossible weather conditions; the arrival of monitoring includes what is being done to ensure
location or due to adverse weather conditions.
Composition: Composition consists of one or more units collected under a central unit e.g. a
a unit is a structure and consists of wing headquarters and one or more groups.
Invalid: If used in relation to an airline person, it will be held to mean “medical disqualification”.
for further assistance “.
removed out of service as unfit for further service “.
Electronic Transportation: When the term “Electronic Transportation” is used, it will end with
they include both motor vehicles and naval vessels belonging to the air force. Where the word “Mechanical
Transport Vehicles “used, only airborne road vehicles should be seized
Mustering: A term used to describe the level, group and trade in which a person working in the air is placed
first to join the air force or (apprenticeship) when he or she graduates from student training
institutions / schools.
Unauthorized Officer: Flight Sergeant-level pilot, sergeant, or corporal
and includes compatible air crews.
Non-Public Funds: Includes all funds, which are maintained by the unit other than public funds, as defined
Non-Public Funds Accounts: An account that records financial transactions of any kind,
a channel or unit organization such as a riot, an institution, a club, a sport, a charitable organization
Promotion: The term is used to describe an increase in tangible level. Therefore, it does not apply to
pilot, pilot pilot (see split).
Public Claim: It will be held to imply any public debt or prohibition involving any intoxicating liquor
misrepresentation of facts, or lack of or misappropriation of public funds
or shops, which, after proper investigation, may not be satisfactory to the President provided by
a person with the same responsibility.
Public Funds: Includes all fully funded public funds, i
unused balance returned to the Government in the event of non-delivery
on the things given to them, and

(h) irrecoverable losses due to theft and fraudulent use of railway, credit
train approval notes or vouchers.
Rearrangement: A term used to describe any transformation, up or down,
between categories (pilot or lead pilot) of flight attendants.
Reduction: A term used to describe the mandatory appointment of a warrant officer or
NCO in a lower position, or in the ranks, by military court sentence or otherwise
powerful authority.
Remustering: A term used to describe a change in a pilot’s business.
Conversion: A term used to describe the restoration of a warrant officer or acting warrant officer or
NCO or NCO acting in a lower position, or category in ranks, by force, by default or
voluntarily. Conversions may range from high, temporary or acting.
Transport Service: The term will be held to include both road vehicles and marine vessels
which belongs to the air force.
MT Service Vehicles: The term will be used to include only air traffic vehicles
Power: Unit power at any time number of officers, airmen,
citizens and temporary workers are not actually included in its compiled list at that time, only
of any attachment. Power is divided into: –
(a) active force;
(b) ineffective power;
The active force of the unit at any given time is the number of police officers, airmen and citizens
its actual serving power, and unit (including those on regular leave) as well
currently available at work. Power does not work at any time the number of
officers, airmen and citizens by the power of the unit, which is not available in any profession
for the following reasons: –
(a) in a hospital or emergency room;
(b) absence without leave;
(c) has been detained or detained or imprisoned;
(d) is divided;
(e) sick leave
The officers and air personnel associated with the unit are not part of its facilities or in its capacity. See
remain in the establishment and strength of the unit from which they came.
Unit: Including: –
(a) the headquarters of the order.
(b) party headquarters.
(c) the unit or headquarters of the station.
(d) Air Force College / School, Election Board, Depot.
(e) a group of soldiers.
(f) aircraft under the direct control of the airline,

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