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Assistant Commandant

Assistant Commandant

Students admitted to the exam will be notified of the time table and location or locations of
examination. Candidates should note that no application for a change of institution will be accepted.
Booking will be made for candidates in Scheduled Casts, Planned Nations, Other Backgrounds
and Economic Weaknesses in respect of vacancies that may be determined by Government.
The candidate will be eligible for public booking benefits only if that happens
the category of candidates is included in the list of reserved communities issued by
Great Government. Candidates will be eligible for economic benefits
Book reservations only if a candidate meets the conditions set by the Central Government
and having such a certificate of competency. If the applicant shows on his / her application form
In the study of the Central Armed Forces (Assistant Officers) are part of it
Ordinary section but after that he writes to the Commission to change his section to be reserved
firstly, such an application will not be accepted by the Commission. In addition, once the candidate has elected
reserved category, no application will be accepted for the replacement of another reserved category.

Assistant Commandant
Assistant Commandant

Assistant Commandant

According to the Government’s decision to increase employment opportunities for the unemployed
chances are, the Commission will publicly announce the points of candidates (found at
Written Tests and Interviews / Personality Tests) through social media. Disclosure will do
it should be done in respect of only those who will appear in the Interview / Personality Test
A review of the Central Armed Forces (Assistant Officers) and is not recommended in the end
appointment. Information shared on this disclosure program about non-recommendation
candidates can be used by other public and private employment agencies to nominate candidates
candidates for the information made available from the public portal.

Candidates Under Planned Cast and Organized Nations and More
Back Classes are also included under any other Section 3 (III) (b) above, i.e.. those
those who fall under the category of Civilian Central Government Servants / Ex-Servicemen, will be eligible
the provision of luxury years under both of these categories.

The senior position of the person promoted to the position of subordinate or subordinate officer shall be
is determined as follows, namely: –
Prior to confirmation each manager must take his or her position from his or her date
continuously holding such a position again
In confirmation, he will take his place from the date of confirmation:
As long as in the case of the police who were confirmed on the same day they will be taken away
positions from the date of their promotion-.
As long as it is in the case of officials where the date of confirmation and
the date of the promotion is the same as their age immediately prior to such promotion
it will remain unaffected.
For those directly employed as subordinates or subordinates, their senior position will be
is determined as follows: –
Prior to confirmation each manager must take his or her position
are appointed in accordance with the order of eligibility for the employment test: and
In confirmation, he will take his place from the date of confirmation:
As long as in the case of the police who were confirmed on the same day they will be taken away
senior position in accordance with the order of eligibility for employment examination.
A person who has been promoted to a higher position and a person who is directly appointed to that position
they will have their positions from the date of appointment to that position subject to the matter
that if both were appointed on the same day, the former (promoter) would be older:
It depends on whether the confirmation date is the same as their age
immediately before such verification will remain unaffected.
Those recruited as Constable will occupy their senior position from their first day
Subject to confirmation they will take their place in accordance with the date
their confirmation:
It depends on whether the verification date is the same as the older person
the highest in rank to the youngest.

Assistant Commandant

The oath or affirmation set out in Annexure ‘C’ of these Rules shall be
is officially controlled by the Commander (any senior official
appointed by him for this) to all officers and positions and file. A policeman
the person making the oath or affirmation will prove that he or she did it by signing
Testimony paper to be attached to the Character Program and Service
Affected Member of the Association.

Evidence may be withdrawn by the Commander if that happens
officials and men in space have already made such an oath or affirmation

Assistant Commandant

A person who is eligible to register with the Association must comply with the prescribed requirements
under Act II below, must be of good character and (a) be a citizen of India or a person leaving Pakistan for the purpose of permanent residence
India, or (c) a Nepali or a Portuguese in India, and if he comes
under paragraph (b) or (c) a person must have a valid certificate of competency
issued by the Government of India. The person who applied for the status of the certificate
the requirement, however, may be temporarily appointed subject to the required certificate
it was eventually handed over to the Government.
As long as they are prisoners, or the rebel soldiers or police will not be registered.

A member of the Association seeking resignation under rule 16 or excommunication
17 from the service you will be required to return to the Government an amount equal to three months
payments and benefits received by
prior to cancellation or release, as is the case or training costs
given to the Society or any higher:
As long as it is a member of the Society who wants to be fired
under rule 17 within a period of three months from the date of registration an amount equal to
The three-month payment and benefits will be calculated based on the three-month payment once
grants to be received but for disbursement:
Provided that a member of the Association agrees to resign or seek
dismissal by accepting employment under the Central or Provincial or local Government
bodies, after restitution amount as provided above.

Assistant Commandant

The respondent will then be assessed and his statement recorded by
the investigating officer. If the suspect pleads guilty and does not do so
object to the written evidence, the trial will be closed to issue orders. If he
you plead “Not guilty”. he or she will be required to complete a written statement and a list thereof
witnesses as he would like to say when defending himself during that time, which
in any case not less than two weeks, as the investigating officer may determine
it makes sense in case circumstances. If he refuses to submit a written letter
statement, he will be re-examined by the investigating officer
expiration time allowed.

If the respondent refuses to name any witness or present evidence
in his defense, the trial will be closed for orders. When producing
evidence The investigating officer will continue to record the evidence.
If the investigating officer takes the evidence of any witness
or any other document that the defendant wants to appear in order to defend himself
matters relating to the matters involved in the case may refuse to call that witness either
to allow that text to be presented as evidence, but in all cases it is appropriate
briefly state his reasons for looking for objectionable evidence. There everything
evidence to be submitted to the record, the trial will be closed

If the Commander conducts the investigation himself, he will record his own
found and passed commands where it had the power. When asked
held by any officer other than the Commander, the officer conducting the investigation
will forward his report and procedure to the Commander who will perform
record his findings and forward the order where he has the power to do so.

When any fine is imposed on a member of the Army for moral reasons
which led to him being convicted of a criminal offense: or
When the officer with the power to issue a fine was satisfied with the reasons
to be recorded by it in writing is absurd to hold an investigation
the procedure provided for in these rules: or
When the Director-General is satisfied that for the safety of
State, it is not appropriate to conduct any investigation in the manner provided for in these laws, i
The competent authority to issue a fine may consider the circumstances of the case
and make such an order as it sees fit.
(ccc) If a member of the Association is on trial and released by
in a criminal court, he will not be punished departmentally under this law equally
case or similar case with evidence cited in a criminal case, or
is actually or may not be led without the prior approval of the Auditor-General.

When two or more members of the Society, including those sent to
The power is involved in any situation, the Auditor-General and any other competent authority
may impose a penalty of dismissal on all such members of the Association
make an order directing that disciplinary action in all cases may be taken a
common poceeding

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