Assistant Enforcement Officer

Assistant Enforcement Officer (AEO) Job Profile : Legal Enforcement Assistant, as the name suggests it should be referred to the Enforcement Directorate known as ED. The Enforcement Directorate emphasizes two important actions to fight economic crime in India namely External Finance Management Act, 1999 (FEMA) and Money Laundering Prevention Act, 2002 (PMLA).Enforcement of the Directorate regulates and oversees remittance activities in India. As an Assistant Enforcing Officer, you will join the ED as a Group B officer.

Assistant Enforcement Officer

If you are posted to the Office, you will be performing routine fillings and other writing tasks such as submitting reports. If you are sent to the Field, you will work to catch economic crimes. You will be joining an attack company when you go to a certain place of attack .It is also possible to gather expertise on money laundering or other social crimes. Most Enforcement Directorate offices are located in major cities so if you are interested in a major city activity, you should consider Enforcement Assistant as one of your options. The main function of the AEO is to assist the head of the ED (Enforcement Directorate) in managing and monitoring the remittances activities in India It is a Group B post and manages to manage financial fraud and scams in India. The Assistant Enforcing Officer’s post is a desk / post office where you will deal with files or writing tasks such as making reports and presentations / brochures. Sometimes you may also be instructed by a senior official to join an attack group that comes under field service. Field service involves money laundering or other economic crimes..

The job profile of an AEO can be further classified into 2 categories: Desk Job : Here AEO sits in the office reviewing documents submitted by various organizations such as reports, presentations and brochures. It includes answering official letters, keeping files, responding to official correspondence, managing departmental internal communications. Field Job : Like any other field activity the AEO field is also naturally difficult, this involves deploying soldiers, and making several day visions, identifying and attacking the suspect’s premises. The main task is to gather insights into money laundering or to look into economic crime.

Advantages of SSC CGL Assistant Enforcement Officer (AEO) Designation: Assistant Enforcement Officer Working in big cities, especially big cities Transfers occur only after 3 years. Large amount of cash transactions per day. Lots of power Respect in the community, in promotion you get your wardrobe.

Assistant Enforcement Officer -Assistant Enforcement Officer as the appointment of this position demonstrates the obligation of the Assistant Enforcing Officer to visit and regularly inspect the various government departments and to enforce the laws of the land. It is the duty of the Assistant Enforcing Officers to hunt down those who do not work according to the rules and regulations, and to inform them of the heads of their departments so that they can be compelled to follow the rules and act by departmental policies.
To become an Assistant Enforcing Officer a person must undergo a selected written or oral exam process conducted by the Employee Selection Commission to select the most competent among the many candidates.

Eligibility to become an Assistant Enforcement OfficerEducational Qualification-Assistant Enforcement Officer To qualify as an Assistant Enforcing Officer Inspector one must hold a Bachelor of any broadcasting.

. Age -Assistant Enforcement Officer The nominee must be 18 years of age by 1 July of the year of examination and may not be eligible for 27 years on that date.
The greatest age limit will be free for 3 years for OBC candidates and 5 years for SC / ST nominees.
The upper age limit has also been reduced in favor of certain categories of Indian Government and Defense personnel.

How to become an Assistant Enforcement Officer -Assistant Enforcement Officer To become an Assistant Enforcing Officer one must follow the steps below: As a first step, an applicant must get a “Application Form” and the required information from a professional newspaper published in April. submit the completed Application Form to the regional institutions as specified. Assistant Enforcement Officer A detailed report on the rules and syllabus is published in April in ‘Employment News’ / ‘Rojgar Samachar’, ‘Gazette of India’, and in some of the country’s leading newspapers.

Main Examination -Assistant Enforcement Officer Those who will be registered as eligible for the “Preliminary Examination” must take the final exam.
The final test consists of two parts. Part A will be for written writing and the second Part B will be for Personality Test Subject Max. Marks Time General Studies 200 Marks 3Hr.English Marks 200 2Hr. 20 Minutes.100 Arithmetic 4Hr marks. Language 100 Marks 2Hr. 20 Minutes. Communication and Writing Ability 200 2Hr. 20 Minutes.

Personality Test -Once you have passed the final stage it is an interview. Desirers need to be interviewed to test their personality and mental abilities. After that the final list of nominees is prepared.

Assistant Enforcement Job Description -Assistant Enforcement Officer The job of an Assistant Enforcement Officer is full of pressures and responsibilities, sometimes they have to deal directly with their partners and even adults when they themselves are not working according to the set rules. This task is thus considered difficult. Assistant Enforcement Officer But to perform his duties a person must be very dedicated to his duties, strong, hardworking, honest and competent as he has to deal with many high-ranking people who can use their influence on senior officials to save themselves to prove that the officer is infallible or impartial.

Assistant Enforcement Officer Salary -Assistant Enforcement Officer DA on Total Pay above (around 107 %),Transport Allowance ,House Rent Allowance(if not provided with quarters),Petrol allowance ,Limited bill for mobile ,Law Enforcement Officer receives a payment scale of RS. 6500-10,500.The government of India has set the salary levels of its employees in various positions. While they continue to change with the new payment commission. The above scales only give the impression of payment scales. Different branches of service have different scales of leadership. Assistant Enforcement Officer Even employees of the same branches may have different expenses depending on their shipping location and the load they carry at a certain time. Also to the salary the Assistant Enforcing Officer receives various types of grants such as Dearness Allowance, City compensation Allowance, Leave Travel Allowance, Medical and subsidized housing. After the launch of the seventh salary commission, the salary on hand has been very good. The basic amount of Assistant Enforcing Officer is now INR 44,900 / -.Details of more benefits such as TA, DA, etc. and basic allowances can be seen below.

Transfer -Assistant Enforcement Officer Transfers are usually made in two cases, if there are allegations against the registrant or if the applicant has requested a transfer. You will not be deterred after a transfer of at least three years. One has been used for a smallest of 3 years somewhere.

SSC CGL Assistant Enforcement Officer (AEO) Career Path : Assistant Enforcement Officer As an Assistant Enforcing Officer, you will have the following type of work
Enforcement (Group B Gazette posts in 4-6 years)Assistant Director of State Directorate Deputy Director of Enforcement Services Integrated Director More director Special Director in Enforcement Unit. Higher promotion position or AEO function employed by SSC CGL testing
Enforcement (Group B Gazette posts in 4-6 years)Assistant Director of Enforcement Unit Deputy Director of Enforcement Services Co-director More director Special Director in Enforcement Unit.

SSC CGL Assistant Enforcement Officer (AEO) Working hours :Assistant Enforcement Officer In the role of Assistant Enforcement Officer, if you have been referred to an office, you will have normal office hours. But if you work in a stadium, you will have to work in shifts. Work will be day and night meaning day and night. And when you search or search, you may have to work longer and less confident. AEO officials working in an office usually have 9 to 5 general duties. Yet, if someone is working on the field, you will have to work in shifts. Assistant Enforcement Officer Field service times are flexible and you may be invited to work at any time within 24 hours. Work hour adjustments have been made but that does not mean that all the extra hours will be adjusted. You may have uncertain working hours.

Working Hours -If you are sent to the office, then you will have normal office hours. AEO officials working in an office usually have 9 to 5 general duties. But you will have to work shifts when working in the field. Work revolves around the clock, which means day and night shifts. You may also need to work longer and more when searching or searching. Recording statements can take a whole day. Search operations that usually start early in the morning can end up late at night.

SSC CGL Assistant Enforcement Officer (AEO) Transfer :Usually, transfers are made in two cases – if there are any allegations against the registrant or the applicant requesting the transfer. After the transfer, you will not be interrupted for at least three years. One is still distributed for 3 years.

Promotion Policy of SSC CGL Assistant Enforcement Officer (AEO) : promotions after joining as AEO occur within three years. The first two AEO promotions are available in the first 8-9 years. After this, the next promotion takes some time. All promotions are managed by headquarters in Delhi.
The power position comes with AEO submissions. As you begin to climb to the top of the management category a lot of respect is gained.

Assistant Enforcement Officer Stages of Examination: Two written Objective tests, followed by Document Verification.
Friends, this is for the Assistant Enforcing Officer.

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