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We Hire a Debt Analyst. This position completes the review of the seller’s claims that they are a risk factor in terms of the Credit Policy; manages and maintains departmental spreadsheets in Excel and generates reports from collected data; bank / fax and commercial indicators that verify credit applications and banking directions and use that information in determining the decision on applications in accordance with the Credit Policy, and notify working departments and clients of the results of application reviews and state the factors leading to the final decision.

Requirements of Debt Analyst and Skills 1

PCs can also read standard Microsoft Office programs especially Excel

Accurate data entry and 10 key skills

Professional phone behavior and problem-solving skills

Ability to effectively manage multiple projects and tasks while meeting important deadlines

Ability to analyze issues, compile information on key points, and make policy / action recommendations

Specialized mathematical skills in terms of calculating discounts, percentages, interests, commissions, ratings; etc.

Strong analytical skills with the ability to explain problems; data collection and research; discover facts and reach logical conclusions and interpret technical instructions within complex drawings and invisible and tangible flexibility

The Debt Analyst will work closely with the Credit Risk team to establish and maintain customer and institutional data and credit risk infrastructure. This data is used by various buyers to support internal and external reporting obligations, capital allocations, and customer profits. Reporting to the Operations Manager of the Credit Regulator, the Debt Analyst provides the operational support of the credit bureau team with the allocated portfolio of credit relationships.

Upgrade credit applications for new services, existing services and data storage, relevant partners in other regions or Business Lines as required.

Fill in the details of the institution and client as required before submitting proposals for approval

Attach supporting documents to the proposal

Review the proposal as needed prior to release based on changes during discussions

Route route approval and full release recommendations

Keep documents in Dealworks and other scheduled archives

Requirements of Debt Analyst and Skills 2

Undergraduate degrees are highly preferred but work related to industry knowledge can be accepted for the position. (2+ years)

Basic information on preferred investment banking products, but not required

It must be highly organized and capable of handling a wide range of tasks

Borrowing experience is preferred

Strong analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills

Excellent oral and written communication skills and strong interpersonal / customer interaction skills

Strong operating information for Microsoft Office applications (i.e., Excel, Word and Outlook)

The Credit Analyst will be responsible for managing all credit processes and the collection of allocated portfolio. They will be responsible for identifying any developments needed and assisting in the training of new staff.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Credit Analyst 3

Manage shared portfolio of accounts

Call group calls and emails to customers

Review the remaining invoices

Monitor customer web sites

Facilitate customer reconciliation

Perform a credit review

The Credit Analyst will work directly with the contract team to analyze, document and evaluate all credit facilities within their portfolio. As a Credit Analyst, each individual will learn the basics of contractual arrangements and lending structures as they are presented to other departments within the Bank. Credit Analyst is an excellent first position in a bank that paves the way for many other opportunities including sales, credit, relationship management, loan reviews or other similar positions. The Debt Analyst makes an in-depth analysis of the borrower’s ability to repay based on company and owner history, recent financial performance and history, supplier’s financial status (if required), collateral performance, risk rating, adjusted repayment, and several other factors.

Work directly with PM, RM and clients to address needs effectively and efficiently

Distribute financial statements

Provide advanced analysis in evaluating and evaluating current and new business opportunities

Interact with clients via email, phone interviews, forum tests, banking group meetings, etc.

Requirements of Debt Analyst and Skills 4

An important concept with high analytical skills capable of reaching logical conclusions based on available information

Microsoft Office: Powerful Excel with presentation capabilities

Ability to manage multiple projects, while maintaining high attention to detail

Attitude to start

Flexibility and proven ability to diagnose and solve problems

Curiosity, the ability to think outside the box, asserts

Hard work, ingenuity, creativity, analysis, drive, planning in a different way

Strong communication skills and operational outcomes

Ability to work and be successful in a team environment

We look forward to adding a Debt Analyst to our team to actively assist us, review contractual terms, and carefully monitor credit exposure and investigate and report violations. A eligible person will have at least 2 years of Financial Analysis experience. Qualified person will also be fluent in English and have a Degree in Finance or Accounting.

Duties and Responsibilities of Debt Analyst 5

Identify, analyze, and monitor the financial risks of our asset portfolio, focusing on markets, markets, debt, and credit risks.

Negotiate credit terms for trade agreements and ensure industry compliance and company standards

Evaluate the financial strength of cooperative parties, recommend risk limits based on each other’s creditworthiness and obtain appropriate authorization.

Conduct continuous partner financial position monitoring and annual review to ensure continued creditworthiness of credit.

Implementation of credit policy and operating procedures, work with the management team to determine the required parameters and permits

Conduct analysis of markets, sectors, and corporate groups to improve business management and improve debt management

Requirements of Debt Analyst and Skills 5

Financial analytical skills in public and private companies are highly preferred

Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Strong planning, planning skills and self-control are essential

Skill in Microsoft Excel, VBA is a combination

SQL and information on ETRM programs are preferred

Strong attention to detail

Two Mandarin Chinese and English languages, especially the most widely read literacy skills

Credit Analyst will have the opportunity to learn and develop expertise in financial analysis, lending, cash management, customer relationship management, loan portfolio monitoring and risk management. This is a great opportunity for the next step for a motivated person who wants to grow and the increased responsibility in a fast-growing financial institution and entrepreneur.

Duties and Responsibilities of Debt Analyst 6

Prepare financial analysis for potential credit services

Review and analyze the business plans of prospective clients

Meet with clients to collect and review loan processing documents

Prepare and present investment submissions to the investment committee

Requirements of Debt Analyst and Skills 6

You should be comfortable working with financial and numerical data

Proven ability to work precisely under pressure and meet solid deadlines

It should work well in a team-focused environment

Quick student and the ability to handle many important things

It takes the initiative and works best with little or no supervision

She loves to read

You must have very good work habits, including a willingness to work long hours just to get the job done, especially if the last important moments cause greater departmental pressures.

Strong working knowledge of MS Word, MS Outlook, MS Excel

They must have strong communicative skills

The main role of the Credit Analyst is to support the credit management function by preparing the financial statements from the financial statements of the business, corporate tax returns, individual tax returns and personal financial statements on new, existing and renewed commercial loan applications.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Debt Analyst 7

Prepare new and renewable loan application applications that contain written analysis of the financial and operational performance of the course applications.

Prepare and review written reviews in the form of Annual Review of available portfolio loans for periodic business receivables, business tax returns, individual tax returns, and personal financial statements.

Prepare cash flow from business financial statements, corporate tax returns, individual tax returns, and personal financial statements.

Assist in the preparation and distribution of prepared loan approvals for submission to the relevant authorization committee.
Requirements of Debt Analyst and Skills 7

One to three years of similar or related experience

Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or related field of choice

Strong organizational skills are needed to handle many tasks and priorities

Summary of work of debt analyst 8
Evaluate and determine credit risk through detailed financial statement analysis, industry evaluation, collateral measurement, cash flow analysis and annual credit service repayment ability.

Duties and Responsibilities of Debt Analyst 8

Review all important credit and financial information, including reporting resources, credit bureaus, and other companies.

Determine the need for further investigation or additional information.

Analyze financial statements of information and related items.

Prepare a summary, present facts, and provide comments on credit eligibility. Provide a risk rating on the credit request.

Assist in the formulation of loan applications, where appropriate, submitting proposals on terms, conditions, collateral and providers.

Monitor compliance with credit policy by ensuring compliance with the Commercial Credit Policy, and comment on any risks associated with non-compliance

Credit Analyst is responsible for performing all functions related to resolving repayment claims and credit balances.

Duties and Responsibilities of Debt Analyst 9

Review End / Month Collection Collections to get the right return.

Reimbursement Insurance Research Applications to determine if they are eligible.

Research Credit Balance to determine whether adjustment or refund is required.

Save the Refund Request Spreadsheet to track applications.

Participate in staff meetings as required.

Regular and reliable arrival is required at work.
Requirements of Debt Analyst and Skills 9

High school diploma or equivalent.

Two (2) years’ experience and more.

You must have centralized computer skills, including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook); expertise in USRC programs required within 90 days of employment.

Ability to work in a fast, environment-driven environment.
Summary of Functions of Debt Analyst 10
We want a Debt Analyst to join our team.

Duties and Responsibilities of Debt Analyst 10

Review over the appropriate accounting and determine the cause.

Review and maintain all credit policies and guidelines.

Resolve conflicts.

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