IPS officers



The instructions on the above topic are contained in
Department of Home Affairs Letter No.I.21023 / 12/83-Pers.IV of 2
April’84 and subsequent amendments made there from time to time
time. Thanks to the changes that have taken place since then
and to revise the policy, Government has reviewed this
instructions and I was directed to speak to the following
with the knowledge and guidance of all stakeholders, instead
of the above instructions and its amendments.


A certain number of vacancies in different police stations and so on
organizations / departments of Central Government at the level
Police Superintendent and above complete with IPS design
officials of various organs of State. The main goal is
that IPS officials borrowed so much will work for CPOs as well
and other Central Government agencies / departments to a
scheduled at the time of the mission and then return to their places
parental staff. Two-way traffic for officials from Government to
Center and background have the same benefits to regions and districts
The Indian government on the other hand and the officials involved
on the other hand


In terms of the provisions of section 312 of the Constitution,
Indian Police Service on All India Service standard in
Union and countries. Act 6 of IPS (Cadre) Rules, 1954
provides IPS official delegations under Central
Government or any other State Government or private organization
fully or partially owned or controlled by Central
Government or other National or International Government
organization etc. All State service structures provide a
Medium assignment that needs more
appointments to be made in the service to provide for professionals as well
members with experience in positions of responsibility in the Central Government.
Therefore, the use of the central team assignment is different
Organs of state are an important factor in controlling the level there
Officials are loaned out to various State agencies of the ministry.
However, no posts were so completed by an IPS member during the stay
the team can be considered a position for that job.
Similarly, not every IPS member can claim any post right
appointment under the Government of India for this reason

Qualification (strengthening) of IPS officers in operation
Positions in the Institute are evaluated at different levels of DIG level
and above. However, there is no sympathy for the workers in this organization
the rank of Superintendent of Police

The eligibility of officials at the DIG and IG level is
audited by the Central Police Establishment Board,
including SS (ISP), Director: IB, Director: CBI, DG: BSF, DG: CRPF
as members and Secretary for Home Affairs as Chair. I
Board recommendations are approved by the Minister of Home Affairs
respect for DIG and ACC in relation to IG level officials

Compassionate officials at the level of additional DG
considered a Nomination Committee formed by Cabinet
Secretary, Home Secretary, Secretary (Staff) and Director, IB.
Recommendations of the Nomination Committee are approved by

Compassion of officials at DG level is considered
by a Nomination Committee comprising the General Secretary of
Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretary, Secretary of the Interior, Secretary
(Staff) and Director: IB. Selection Recommendations
The committee is mandated by the ACC.

The panel is authorized by the ACC on the recommendations of
Board / Selection Committees will be used to perform
appointments to positions under the Government of India but incorporated
the panel will not grant any right to such appointments.

The charges against these officials are considered but not
installed on any panel in a particular year will be reviewed
together after a period of 2 years i.e. when the other two per Year
Confidential activity reports have been added to theirs
CR dossiers. Some such reviews may be made one after another
period of 2 years

Special reviews can be made in the case of any official
his CR changing material because of him
accepted representation, against the recording of evil
comments on his ACR

Normal messenger time at different levels in the Center
The government will be as follows:
Superintendent of Police: 4 years
Deputy Inspector General: 5 years
Inspector General: 5 years
Additional Director-General: 4 years
Director-General: No deadlines

A police officer who is already an ambassador for the SP rank in his own country
promotions as a DIG will have a combined 5 years in
SP cum DIG level
A police officer who is already a DIG replacement in his own country
promotion as IG will be 5 years combined but his own
the duration of the stay will be extended so that you get a stay period of 3 years in
IG level, less than 7 full years
The officer is already in the IG position on his own
promotion as Adl. The DG will have a combined term of 7 years as
IG and Adl. DG

IPS officials will join the organization as usual
management time
before the end of the normal term of office, i
proposal for the extension of the management position for a period of 4 years
will be removed by the Director, IB for State approval
At the end of the initial extension period, Director, IB may
recommend a second 4-year extension to be considered
a committee under the chairmanship of the Secretary for Home Affairs,
where Director, IB and Spl. The Secretary (ISP) will be the members.
Committee recommendations will be submitted
Government approval
one year before the expiration of the second extension at any time
the officer is eligible for promotion to the post of Deputy
Director (DIG) or Joint Director (IG), whichever is before, depends on it
minimum of 8 years in IB, will be considered
the introduction of a strong framework by the Home Affairs Committee
Secretary, Secretary (Staff) and Director, IB. I
Committee recommendations will be submitted for approval
of the ACC. Those not included in the ‘hard-core’ will be
restored after expiration of extension

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