General Duty

General Duty -The Department of Home Affairs is testing the Staff Selection Commission General Duty (SSC GD) to find candidates for various government positions such as Constable (General Duty) in Border Security Force (BSF), Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), Sash Astra Seema Bal (SSB), Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), National Investigation Agency (NIA), Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), and Rifleman (General Duty) and Secretariat Security Force (SSF) in Assam Rifles. General Duty General Duty Candidates should check for the upcoming 2021 SSC Examination Tips. Rentals are made every year where lakhs who wish to live will appear for testing. The recruitment process consists of Computer Based Examination (CBE), Physical Efficiency Test (PET), Physical Standard Test (PST), and Detailed Medical Examination (DME).

General Duty

SSC GD 2021 Perks and Allowances -General Duty Besides to the SSC GD Constable Salary building mentioned in the table above, the SSC GD Salary also contains other benefits and fees discussed below:
Transportation Grant Medical Centers Pension Systems Leaves are paid annually Security Resources Field Resources Food Resources.

Various Posts in SSC GD 2021 -Constable GD in Border Security Force (BSF)Constable GD to Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)Constable GD in Indo Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBPF)Constable GD e Sash Astra Seema Bal (SSB)Constable GD in Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)Rifleman GD in Assam Rifles (AR)Constable GD to the Secretariat Security Force (SSR)Constable GD to the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

SSC GD 2021 Job Profile and Career Growth -The salary of SSC GD is high as the duties and responsibilities of SSC GD police are high. Other job profiles and related information are listed below:
The SSC GD was first deployed as a security guard or complement. The GD Constable is appointed to oversee all duties and duties in the absence of the Chief Inspector and Assistant Inspectors .Some SSC GD Constables can even find cases of investigation. General Duty SSC GD Constables must operate under the watch of SHO, and must follow SHO instructions. Detailed profiles of operations assigned to SSC GD Constables under the various security forces listed below:

GD Constable in BSF -General Duty Some of the key functions and responsibilities assigned to SSC GD Constables in Border Security Force (BSF) are listed below:
They are needed to protect Indo-Pakistan, and Indo-Bangladesh Border. SSC GD Constables are hired to promote a sense of security to people living in border areas. Their role is to prevent cross-border crime, unauthorized entry to or from India. They are responsible for preventing smuggling or any other illegal activities at Border. They must mobilize cross-border intelligence and manage anti-immigration activities.

GD Constable in ITBP -The roles and responsibilities of GD Constable in ITBP include the following points as set out below:
They were hired to protect the border between India and China (from Latah to Arunachal Pradesh).The GD Constables in ITBP are responsible for restoring and maintaining order in the event of a disruption. They are responsible for guarding the northern borders.GD Constable in ITBP oversees the detection and prevention of border breaches.GD Constables must keep a check on illegal entry and smuggling of people entering the border. They are hired to provide security for sensitive installations and threatened VIPs.GD Constables play a key role in ITBP to maintain peace in a given environment and promote a sense of security among local people.

GD Constable in CISF -Some of the key roles and responsibilities assigned to GD Constable in the CISF include the following points as set out below:
Their main role is to provide security on various PSUs and other critical infrastructure. The UGD Constable in CISF can be appointed as the chief air traffic officer at almost all Indian airports. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) handles security at Delhi Metro. The IGD Constable at CISF can be hired to protect the Delhi Metro.GD Constables in CISF are also responsible for overseeing the protection of Government infrastructure and industrial projects. Special Security Group (SSG) provides security to persons appointed by the Department of Home Affairs.GD Constable at CISF provides protection, security, and protection from industrial capture / installation, and provides protection from fire hazards.

GD Constable in SSB -General Duty Some of the key roles assigned to GD Constable on SSB are listed below:
GD Constable at SSB is employed to watch and prevent border crossings and other illegal activities. They are responsible for the protection of the Indo-Nepal, and Indo-Bhutan borders.

GD Constable in CRPF -General Duty UGD Constable was also appointed to CRPF. The key roles and responsibilities assigned to them include a variety of factors, as stated below:
IGD Constable at CRPF oversees the internal security of all parts of India. They work abroad as part of the Indian Peace Keeping Force and UN peacekeeping missions. The GD Constable in the CRPF provides VIP security in election activities, monitoring critical placement in anti-Nasal activities.

GD Constable in Assam Rifles -General Duty The key functions and roles of GD Constable in Assam Rifles are outlined below:
They were hired to provide internal security under military control by making opponents and border guards, GD Constable at Assam Rifles provides help to community power in emergencies, communications, medical aid, and remote teaching. The IGD Constable in Assam Rifles acts as an army to protect the rear areas when needed during times of war.

GD Constable in SSF -General Duty Some of the key roles and responsibilities assigned to GD Constable in the SSF are mentioned below:
GD Constables in the SSF handles overseeing access to the Secretary’s premises, sending security guards to the Secretary’s gates and other premises, The officers also oversee internal storage, vehicle access and parking. They also look at the regulation of eviction in the Secretary’s premises and the protection of the Secretary’s property.

SSC GD 2021 Apply : Constable Post appointments are issued by the Employees Selection Commission and you can apply for it online. Every year a large number of vacancies are released and this year 25271 vacancies have been filled. The notice was issued by the organization on this post on 17 July 2021 and the closing date for the application has been set for 31 August 2021. We hope you will apply for this position as soon as possible with a link to the official website. The deadline for submitting an online application fee to the constable’s post has been set for 02 September 2021.

SSC GD 2021 Promotion : Over time, there are opportunities for the promotion of a Constable (GD) appointed under various CAPF departments. Promotion time is different for all departments. In most cases, Applicants are required to appear in departmental examinations in order to be promoted. In contrast, occasional promotions are granted on the basis of the number of years a person has been assigned to serve as a baptism candidate.
The SSC GD Constable is promoted to the position of Senior Head Constable and may be required to oversee the police station. SSC GD earnings also increase with post increases. Other SSC GD Constable posts can be further suggested as mentioned below:
Chief Executive Officer Head Constable Assistant Sub Inspector Sub Inspector Inspector.

SSC GD Eligibility Criteria :Other eligibility criteria are set by the organization to apply for this post and it is mandatory to follow it. You may only complete your application form with eligibility criteria and we will provide you with specific details about it.

SSC GD Educational Qualification : For all baptismal candidates who want to apply for this post, let us know that to apply, your qualification must be at least 10. Your 10th must be approved by any recognized board. Also, let us tell you that students in the 10th grade now cannot apply for this post.

SSC GD Age Limit  -As you all know that a certain age is set to apply for this post and you can apply accordingly. So let us tell you that your age should be at least 18 years in this post and the age you should use is 25 years. No explicit information was found about the rest of this post, but if you want to, you can check it out by visiting our website.

Application Fees -General Duty For a police referral, you will have to send the prescribed fee, and only your application form will be submitted. General Duty The application fee is determined separately for all categories and you can submit it via Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking and Challan, etc.

SSC GD Selection Process -General Duty To be recognized for this function, a specific selection process is determined by the organization, thus, your selection will be made. It is mandatory to follow this procedure because it is necessary to select the right person for this post and only through this process will you be selected. The procedure for selecting a police officer is as follows: –
Computer-Based Testing [CBT]Environmental Performance Assessment [PET]General Physical Examination [PST]Detailed Medical Examination [MDE].

SSC GD Salary -General Duty You must have full information about any salary you will be given by sending a police officer. No details about his salary have been released by the organization yet, and no details about his salary have been released. For more information on this, if you wish, you can also check by visiting the official website. SSC GD Apply online Deadline.

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