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Inspector (Central Excise) CBEC Of SSC

Inspector (Central Excise) CBEC Of SSC

This article will include Assistant to Central Excise Inspector (as part of SSC CGL) Job Description, Medium Term Inspector Service Term, Central Excise Inspector Career Path, Central Excise Inspector Salary, required Central Excise Inspector and -Central Excise Inspector.

Assistant in CVC as the name suggests, Assistant posts provided by SSC CGL.

In this role, you will work for the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) which is part of the Department of Finance under the Department of Finance. Responsible for the following activities:

formulation of tax policy and the collection of Sales Tax and Medium Tax and Service Tax
Preventing trafficking
Customs Management, Custom Excise, Central Excise, Service Tax and Narcotics at the CBEC sub-standard.
Your job profile will depend on where you are sent. You will find shipments in various locations such as spaces, subdivisions, custom houses, ports and sometimes even headquarters.

When you are sent to the office, you will be doing the usual filling work like making reports.
When you are sent to a place, you will be doing a lot of work like monitoring goods, which must be sent. You will also have the power to shut them down.
You will also monitor producers and verify their units and registers whenever needed and instructed to do so.
If sent to the Security Unit, you may also be able to assist search and attack teams.
This post is the same, but wearing a uniform (Khaki) is usually optional

SSC CGL Central Excise Examiner Duration of operation:
As an Intermediate Property Inspector, you will have a valid work schedule. Every day you leave in the morning and return home in the evening, no more working hours and shift work.SSC CGL Central Excise Inspector Career Method:
As a Central Excise Checker, you will have the following method of operation Superintendent (Group B Gazette)
Assistant Commissioner
Deputy Commissioner
Joint Commissioner
Addl. Commissioner

Inspector (Central Excise) CBEC Of SSC

As a Central Excise Inspector you will be entitled to the following major grants: Central Excise Inspecto

DA on Total Pay over (approximately 107%)
Transportation Grant
Housing Lease Grant (if not provided with accommodation)
Fuel supply
Limited mobile bill
According to current salary estimates, you will receive an average salary of 40,000 / – pm (may vary slightly by shipping)

  1. Qualifications of SSC CGL Central Excise Examiner:
    Graduation from a recognized or similar university.
  2. Test Categories of SSC CGL Central Excise Inspector:
    Two-Phase Written Goal Assessment, followed by Document Verification.

Friends, this is a Central Excise checker.

SSC CGL Job Profile Profile of Inspector Spaces under CBEC

Inspector (Central Excise) CBEC Of SSC

Hello Aspirants,

In this Post, we will discuss the Job Responsibilities, Duties and Type of Function of INSPECTOR Spaces under the General Assets and Procedures Board (CBEC) provided by SSC. It comes under the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, the Government of India.

There are three functions under CBEC that are responsible for the collection of indirect taxes. These are three posts:

Inspector (Inspector),
Inspector (Central Excise) and
Inspector (Protective Officer)

Although they work under the same department and are responsible for collecting taxes, these positions are very different in every way from promotion to exposure. In this article, we will try to provide information to compare these positions and better understand the work before completing the preference.

  1. Inspector (Inspector)

Highly demanded work under CBEC. Why is that?
One of the main reasons / priorities for the rapid rise, the Department (Culture) as a function of Customs brings pride to the family as it works to develop the nation through tax collection. Next, the post provides a high level of exposure, you will receive an authorization to sign up in the first phase immediately after joining and completing the One-Month Training Course.

Inspectors everywhere have two types of submissions –
(a) sensitive (Testing)
(b) intolerance (office).

The rotation between them occurs periodically. For example, at Mumbai Customs you will be shipped to both shipments for 6 months. It means that if you are sent to a critical post in April – October then you will be sent to an office post October – April
Responsibilities of the Examiner:
In a sensitive shipping letter, you will need to check the goods to be imported or shipped and check the taxes paid by the seller and the seller. The burden of critical posts is high and you may not get enough time. You may also need to work beyond your normal time while working on sensitive posts. Inspectors have the authority to stop the shipment of goods if they find that there is inaccurate information or documents that do not comply with the rules. As a subordinate you have to work within the limit and you should never harass customers (Exporter and Exporters). This is especially important these days as the government is now more like a Promoter than a Commercial Director. In the world of Free Trades, the role of custos officer is limited. Therefore, in practice you have a very limited capacity.

In a non-responsive post office or office you will need to do all the work done by the assistant (Assistant Officer) in CSS, that is, typing letters, writing pages, making monthly or temporary reports.
In addition, you may be referred to the investigation unit for a period of time (6 months or 1 year) where you have to perform tasks such as holding Search and arrest.
You may also be referred to the Personnel and Establishment Section (Human Resources) where you have to do posting, promotions, RTI, Management related work.

nspector (Central Excise) CBEC Of SSC

The Inspector General’s job (according to the manual provided at the time of joining) to give permission, is the ability to find and inspect the goods, the ability to take samples, inspect the goods that need to be imported or exported and then, charge the cost (work) for the shipment. After inspecting the goods, the inspector is required to prepare lists, check the market prices of the seized goods, the loading and unloading of goods as usual or directly, to escort goods from one Customs site to another (especially if it is gold and other valuables), and any other tax authorized by the Commissioner Transportation. In addition, the inspector also needs to assist officials in the Goods Auction.

This is a full-time beach job. You will be sent to any city according to your level and preferences and availability of seats. Cities / Places are Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Goa, Vizag, Kochi.
This is not the same post.

Promotion (Growth of Jobs):
One of the main reasons to be considered as the best service offered by the SSC CGL Exam is the rapid upgrade compared to other CGLE posts. Once you have been appointed as an Inspector under CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs) you can expect good job growth.
The progress of the work can be seen in the following way.

Examiner (Group B Gazette)
Assistant Commissioner
Deputy Commissioner
Joint Commissioner
There is a reasonable term of 3 years for the promotion of the Analyst; means he will not be promoted to that position before completing a three-year term as an Inspector. There is a door inspection to confirm; without passing that he would not be guaranteed and could not be promoted to the next position.

Promotion time varies from place to place as sinners as there is a height of space. For example, in the Chennai area the promotion of being an analyst is very fast from now on, usually 3 and a half years. In Mumbai for about 5 years.
Salary, Payment Scales and Benefits – Inspector under CBEC:
After the 7th Payment Commission, the Examiner post comes below the $ 4600 salary and the Basic salary will be somewhere around

nspector (Central Excise) CBEC Of SSC

The Employee Selection Commission (SSC) through its annual CGL Qualifications Examination recruits candidates for the Excise Inspector. Excise Inspectors are the officials responsible for Excise Duty matters and operate under the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC). CBEC is part of the Ministry of Finance under the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. Responsible for tax-related policy development and Medium and Tax collection and service tax collection, trafficking and handling matters related to Customs, Central Excise, Service Tax and Drugs at the CBEC sub-standard. The Board is the executive authority of its affiliates, including Custom Houses, Central Excise and the Service Tax Commission and the Income Management Laboratory.

It is one of the most sought after positions in the electorate with dignity and respect. Excise Inspectors working in this field need to be strong, courageous, hardworking and strategic to be able to deal with job pressures and check results whenever needed. Government revenue relies heavily on departmental revenue through excise and customary taxes. Tax inspectors therefore need to work hard and work hard to ensure that the constant flow of taxes and Government revenue does not stagnate. It is a very difficult situation to hold on to as candidates may have to deal with a wide range of influential people and deal with them appropriately.

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