staff selection commission

SSC&GD (Staff Selection Committee General Duty )


Staff Selection Commission will opena competitive evaluation of the appointment of Constable (General Service) positions inBorder Security Force (BSF), Central Industrial Defense Force (CISF), Indo TibetanBorder Police (ITBP), Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB), Secretariat Security Force (SSF)and Rifleman (General Work) in Assam Rifles (AR) through the Hiring Programdeveloped by the Department of Home Affairs (MHA) and as per the Memorandum ofA signed agreement between the Department of Home Affairs and Personnel SelectionCommission. The hiring process will consist of a Computer-Based Assessment(CBE), Physical Performance Testing (PET), General Physical Examination (PST), TreatmentDocument Testing and Verification. The key aspects of employment areas below

1 The test will be advertised by the SSC based on the vacanciesby MHA

2 Applications will be accepted in online mode only

3 Computer Based Examination (CBE) will be conducted by the Commissiononly in English and Hindi

4 Physical Performance Test (PET) / General Physical Examination (PST) / DetailedMedical Examination (DME) / Review Medical Examination (RME) will beorganized and executed by CAPFs.

5 Collection of required competency certificates / nominations from candidatesand their verification will be done during Detailed MedicalExamination (DME) by CAPF.

.6 Constable (GD) vacancies on SSF will be filled in All Indiaand gaps in all other CAPFs will be filled postsis available in various countries / UTs. Also, vacancies are reservedBorder District and Military / Naxal Valleys affectedreserved for the nominees of these regions only.

7. A list containing the names of the Border and Military Regions /Affected regions in Naxal are located in Annexure-X and Annexure-XI.

8 .The final result and power allocation will be announced by the Commissionbased on the performance of candidates in Computer BasedThe test depends on their passing the Physical Standard Test,Physical Examination, Medical Examination and Other Conditionsthe contents of the Examination Notice.

9 Court cases / RTI / Public Complaints relating to Examination Notice,Computer-Based Testing, Eligibility Checklist andCompulsory distribution of nominees will be handled by SSC and thoserelating to all other matters check system, vacancies,PET / PST behavior, DME / RME, Document Verification etc. it will bemanaged by linking CAPF / MHA.

10 The Consent Card in any test category will not be mailed. Location

2 Pay Scale: Pay Level 3 (Rs 21700-69100).

3 Spaces: Details of posts are as follows:Force the Great WomanSC ST OBC EWS UR Theme SC ST OBC EWS UR Theme TotalBSF 1026 603 1453 641 2690 6413 176 110 255 113 478 1132 7545CISF 1133 786 1714 760 3217 7610 128 86 193 88 359 854 8464CRPF 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0SSB 604 314 892 380 1616 3806 0 0 0 0 0 0 3806ITBP 177 131 250 95 563 1216 28 20 42 8 117 215 1431AR 391 508 615 317 1354 3185 71 99 115 60 255 600 3785NIA 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0SSF 28 14 49 19 84 194 7 3 11 4 21 46 240TOTAL 3359 2356 4973 2212 9524 22424 410 318 616 273 1230 2847 25271

3.1 Temporary posts. Any change in the number of posts will doinformed of the Commission’s website.

3.2 10% of vacancies are reserved for Ex-servicemen (ESM). If ESM is appropriatecandidates are not available, vacancies reserved for ESM will be filled by themnon-ESM candidates in the appropriate categories

.3.3 As gaps in CAPF are reserved for provinces / UT-wise,Candidates must submit a Document / Permanent ResidentialState / UT Certificate displayed by them in an online applicationForm during DME / Document verification failedthe election will be canceled immediately and the candidate will not be presentallowed to appear in the Detailed Health Screening. If a candidateproduces a Certificate of Location / Permanent House Certificate (PRC) issued aSay without the State mentioned in his request, he will do itnot allowed to change the State during the verification of the documentand his candidacy will be canceled immediately. SoCandidates must complete the Application Form very carefully

.3.4 The nominees are eligible to serve anywhere in India.

3.5 Post-election nominations are subject to the availability ofseats at training centers for various CAPFs. Thus, the candidates may beappointed in stages according to the availability of the training venue. IProblems joining and working in the workplace, officers, training, etc. will be managed atin accordance with the rules and regulations of the various Organizations.

4 Nationality / Citizenship: The candidate must be a citizen of India. Spaces are availablestate / UT discreetly that is why the candidate must submit the residence / PRC against his / her constituencyUT.

5 Age Limit: 18-23 years from 01.08.2021. Candidates were not eligibleborn before 02.08.1998 and later 01.08.2003.5.1 Permissible rest on senior age limits in various fields is as follows

CodeNo.n Category Rest years are allowedabove the age limit01 SC / ST 5 years02 OBC 3 years03 Former Workers 3 years after the arrest ofmilitary work done byactual years on the day ofto count.04 Children and dependents were killedthe 1984 riots or the 2002 civil unresteGjarat(Not reserved)5 years05 Children and dependentsthe 1984 riots or civil unrest were killed2002 in Gujarat(OBC)

6 Children and dependents of victimskilled in 1984 riots or in public squaresin 2002 in Gujarat(SC / ST)10 years

7 Birthday is completed by the candidate in the online application form andthe same is recorded on the Matric Certificate / Second Examination Certificateapproved by the Commission in determining the age and nothe next request for change will be considered or approved.

8. Former Employees (ESM) have found employment on the part of the communityunder the Government every time it receives the benefits ofreservations offered to former service by re-employment are not eligibleby booking in the ESM section with a payment permit. However, he canget booking benefits as a previous activity nextemployment if he has just entered the public service, has offereddeclaring / committing to the employer concerned about the details of the various vacancy applications he or she has applied for.before joining the first community service as mentioned in OM No.36034/1/2014-Est (Res) dated 14 August 2014 issued by DoP & T.

9. Duration of “Conscientious Obligation” for a Veteranit will also be regarded as a service performed in the Armed Forcesthe purpose of age rest

.10. For the treatment of any of the three Union Forcesas an Ex-Serviceman for the purpose of booking benefits,you should have received it, at the right time to submit hisPost / Service application, status of a former employee or aa position to obtain his or her right acquired through documentary evidenceto a powerful council to which he or she shall terminate a specified periodco-operation with the Armed Forces within the prescribed period of oneannually from the closing date for receipt of applications. Such people shouldand have acquired the status of an official at the appointed timeone year from the closing date for receipt of applications. Decision onThe issue of the suitability of the former employees will be determined by the decisiontaken by DoP&T by decision of the Delhi High Court in writingPetition (C) No. 520/2020 dated 01.12.2020.5.6 Definition: ‘Former employee’ means a person who:

.11 Who has served in any capacity, military or civilian, or in military service?in the Army, Navy or Air Force of the Indian Union, anda. who has retired or been exempted or exempt from thatservice or at his request or freely byemployer after receiving his or her pension; orb. who has been discharged from such employment for medical reasonscaused by military service or circumstances beyond his controland medical or other disability pension; orc. freed from such .