Union Public Service Commissions

Candidates To Ensure Their Eligibility For The Exanimation: Union Public Service Commissions All candidates(male / female / active male)notified by Government (Department of Labor and Training) and this Examination Notice found in these Rules. Applicants applying for a test must ensure that complete all the eligibility criteria for admission to the examination. Their acceptance at all stages testing will only be temporary if satisfied with the prescribed qualification conditions. issuing an e-Admit Card to the recipient will not mean that he or she the election has finally been canceled by the Commission. Commission begins certification of eligibility actual documents only after The graduate candidate qualifies for the Conversation / Personality Test.

Union Public Service Commissions

How To Apply :Union Public Service Commissions The nominee must have the details of a single Photo ID viz card. Aadhaar / Voter Card / PAN Card / Passport / Driver’s License / Any other Photo ID Card issued by the State / Central Government. Details of this Photo ID Card will have to be provided by the recipient to complete the online application form. Baptism candidates will need to upload a scanned copy of Photo ID its details provided to you online. Union Public Service Commissions The Photo ID Card will be used for all future observations and the recipient is advised to handle this Image ID card while appearing / Personality Test.2.2 A revocation of the application is available to candidates who do not wish from the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination. In this regard, the Commandments referred to in Appendix IIB of this Examination Notice.

Last Date For Receipt Of Application : Union Public Service Commissions Online applications can be completed by March 24, 2021 until 6:00 PM. They do not qualify Candidates will be issued with an e-Admit Card three weeks in advance examination. The e-Admit card will be available on the UPSC website [https://upsconline.nic.in] download by choice. No consent card will be sent bypass.

Mobile Phone Banned : Union Public Service Commissions Use of any mobile phone (or in locked mode), pager or other electronic device or fixed device or storage media such as pen drive, smart watches etc. Union Public Service Commissions or camera or blue dental devices or any other function or performance-related accessories or turned off mode that can be used as a communication device during testing not allowed at all. Any violation of these rules will result in disciplinary action including the prevention of future trials.(b) They are not permitted to be informed of their interest in not submitting any prohibited items including cell phones / pagers where testing is performed, such as a secure storage setting cannot be guaranteed.7. Candidates are advised not to bring expensive / expensive items to the test site, as safe storage of the same cannot be guaranteed. The Commission will not incur any losses on in this regard.

Plan of Examination: Union Public Service Commissions The Public Service Test will have two consecutive sections (vide Appendix I Phase – I)(i) Public Service (Initial) Examination (Type of purpose) for election of candidates Main Test; and(ii) Community Services (Primary) Assessment (Writing and Discussion) on Student Selection For the various services and posts mentioned above. Union Public Service Commissions Union Public Service Commissions Applications are now invited to the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination only. Union Public Service Commissions The Applicants who are declared by the Commission to be eligible for admission to the Civil Service Services (Main) Test will have to be used online and also posted online Detailed Application Form-I [DAF-I] and scanned documents / certificates of birth support, section {viz. SC / ST / OBC (without the OBC supplement) / EWS [Weak Economic Stages](excluding EWS supplement) / PWBD / Ex-Serviceman} and qualifications where required Test Fee. Any DAF-I delivery delays or supporting documents more than due date will not be allowed and will result in the removal of the adCSE-2021. Required for authorization to show order preferences only for those services that take part in Annual Public Service Assessment, which they are interested in allocating, online Detailed Application Form II [DAF-II], before the commencement of the personal examination (Interview)for testing. Besides, baptism candidates who wish to prove IAS / IPS as their Service Preferences are advised to display all Zones and Cards according to their preferences online DAF-II by the existing Budget Policy applicable to Public Works Examination, 2021. With this DAF-II, the registrant will also be required to upload higher education qualifications / qualifications, achievements in various fields, service experience, OBC Annexure (OBC category only), EWS Annexure [EWS category only], etc. Any delays submission of DAF-II or documents supporting the official excess.

Eligibility Conditions Nationality : Union Public Service Commissions Union Public Service Commissions For Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service and Indian Police The service, the candidate must be a citizen of India.(2) For other services, a candidate must be: -(a) an Indian citizen, or(b) the Nepal title, or(c) the title of Bhutan, or(d) a Tibetan refugee who came to India before January 1, 1962 on purpose permanent settlement in India, or(e) an Indian person from Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, East African countries Kenya, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia and Vietnam to permanent house in India. If the candidate in the categories (b), (c), (d) and (e) will be a person who has been awarded a certificate of competency issued by the Government of India .Union Public Service Commissions A candidate in the event of a certificate of eligibility is required testing but the grant of appointment may only be granted after the required qualification has been certified by the Government of India.

Age Limits: Union Public Service Commissions Union Public Service Commissions Candidates must be 21 years of age and must not be of age32 years of August 1, 2021 that is, the person to be registered must be born before 2August, 1989 not before August 1, 2000. (2) The greatest age limit set above must be: (a) for a period of five years if the candidate is subject to a fixed Caste or Organized Nation; (b) for a period of at least three years if the registration of an alternative Return classes are eligible to receive bookings that apply to those people; (c) for a period of three years in the case of Security personnel, who are disable operating during a war against any foreign country or disturbed area as well issued as a result; ) for five years in the case of ex-servicemen including the Commission Officers and Emergency Commissioned Officers (ECOs) / Service Short Commissioned Police (SSCOs) have served at least five years in the Military Service since August 1,2021 and released: (i) terminating the allocation (including those to whom the allocation has been allocated completed within one year from August 1, 2021, unless otherwise specified dismissal or dismissal for misconduct or misconduct); or (ii) as a result of a physical disability caused by the Military Service; or (iii) ineffective. (e) for a period of five years in the case of completed ECOs / SSCO the five-year term of the Army from August 1, 2021 and to whom The work has been extended for more than five years and the Department of The security services issued a certificate of application for government employment and that they would apply issued with a three-month notice on election from the date of receipt of the offer of appointment. (f) for a period of 10 years in the case of a candidate Categories Benchmark Disabilities (PWBD) viz. (i) blindness and visual impairment; (ii) deaf and hard of hearing; (iii) locomotor impairment includes cerebral palsy, treatment of leprosy, dizziness, acid attack victims and muscle wasting; (iv) autism, mental retardation, learning disabilities and mental illness; (v) the general disability from persons under clauses (i) to (iv) includes blindness of hearing.

Minimum Educational Qualification: Union Public Service Commissions The nominee must hold a degree from any of the Universities listed by Act or The State Legislature in India or other educational institutions established by an Act of Parliament or has been recognized as a University under Section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act,1956 or with equal qualifications: Candidates from the appropriate examination for their potential pass provide academic qualifications to the Commission’s examination but have not yet arrived was informed of the result as a baptismal candidate seeking to appear in the competition The examination will be eligible for admission to the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination examination. Everything elections deemed eligible by the Commission for taking Public Services (Main)A test will be required to prove that you have passed the required competency tested their application (e.g. Detailed Submission Form for Main Test, failure those students who will not be admitted to the Main Examination. Such proof of transfer the required required test must have a date before the due date (closing date) for Application Form with Details of the Main Examination. Union Public Service Commissions I: In some cases, the Commission may appoint a candidate .the above qualifications to enter the election, as long as the nominee passes the examination conducted by any other institution to a degree that is in the opinion of the Commission justifies admission to the Civil Services examination. Union Public Service Commissions Union Public Service Commissions Applicants with professional and technical qualifications are recognized by A government with equal professional and technical qualifications will also be able to get it Admission to the Civil Services Examination. : Not allowed to pass MBBS final technology or something similar technical tests that lead to a medical or certificate level but have not yet completed theirs internship at the time of submission of their Civil Services (Main) applications The examination will be temporarily accepted at the Civil Services Examination examination, provided that they submit with their application a copy of the certificate from the relevant authorities. University / Institute for passing the final required professional exam. Union Public Service Commissions In that cases, baptismal candidates will be required to produce at the time of their initial graduation or a certificate from the relevant dean of the University / Institution they held complete all the requirements (including completing an internship) to obtain a Certificate Award.

Restrictions on applying for the examination: Union Public Service Commissions Candidate nominated by the Indian Administrative Service or Indian Foreign A service based on previous test results and continues to be a member of that The service will not be eligible to appear in the Civil Services Examination-2021. In the event of into be nominated for IAS or IFS after Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination-2021it is over and the candidate is continuing to be a member of that Help, the candidate will not be eligible to appear at the Civil Services (Main) Examination-2021 despite trained in Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination-2021. Union Public Service Commissions If such a person is appointed on IAS or IFS after the start of Civil Services (Main) Examination-2021 but before its result is announced by the Commission and you continue to be a member of that Service, the subscriber will not be considered for appointment to any Service / Post on the basis of of CSE-2021 results. (2) A candidate nominated by the Indian Police Service by the results of Previous testing and continuing to be a member of that Service will not be eligible for selection Indian Police Service on the basis of the result of CSE-2021.

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