1. Pondicherry Civil Service

Civil Services testing is one of the most respected tests in India. It is run by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Across the country, these services have become the most sought after jobs for young people. However, with the popularity of Software and IT services, it has not lost its value. Structurally, it is one of the most difficult tests in the country to pass by only 0.1 percent. More and more professional degree holders are choosing jobs from this list of Community Services. This includes a well-known new study of graduation from the Law.

The Civil Service forms the backbone of the Indian government building. It is the main function, responsible for all the major government departments and central management. The three types of services collected through the Public Service survey are All Indian Services, Central Services, and Country Services. Salaries also vary by post and category of Services.

Here is a complete list of community service activities that include integrated tests. The UPSC quote determines which service you will receive. Students are asked to write resources as you like. If your level is high then you get your favorite post. UPSC standards and services are likely to be consistent. Upsc level setting has always been followed and your position on that upsc level list takes you into these services. He is able to write the exams again but also the smart upscape position for that year has been shared.

There are three types or categories of jobs through civil servcie (CSE) testing. Under these 3 broad categories there are a number of reputable and sought-after services. The list of public service positions comes with teh test results but sometimes due to preferences some executives may opt for non-listing services such as IAS or IPS.

All India Public Services
Group A Services or Intermediate Services
Group B Services or Country Services

The Civil Services Examination is one of the most competitive and prestigious tests, popularly known as IAS by the UPSC to recruit candidates for the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Police Service and several other Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ candidates. Central Services. / Post.

Civil Services offers advanced job opportunities and challenging jobs. The electorate plays a key role in regulating the governance of the central and provincial governments, holding strategic positions across the country. These students have been appointed as officials and have participated in various activities such as policy making, implementation, law and order, general administration, development of new projects etc. These officers will have the opportunity to serve as authorized positions such as Sub-District Magistrate, District Magistrate. , Category Commissioner, Principal Secretaries / Financial Commissioners, Secretary General of the country or central government. The Department of Labor and Training (DoPT), under the Department of Labor, Public Complaints and Pensions, is the regulatory authority.

A Community Service Survey was conducted to monitor the services listed below. All appointments to Civil Services are made by the President of India. The Public Service Assessment is a single window into the various Group A and Group B services. These services / posts will be distributed on a case-by-case basis.

The Indian subcontinent is prone to many dangers and is extremely vulnerable to both nature and
human-caused disasters often result in great loss of life; sometimes even leading to a crowd
causes. The last few decades have seen an increase in the frequency of major catastrophic disasters
a number of human problems and significant economic losses. In the event of such a catastrophe, people and
economic losses can be reduced to a certain extent even though they may not be completely prevented.

  1. There has been a paradigm shift in government focus from rescue, relief and
    a recovery approach that focuses on planning, prevention, mitigation and preparation.
    The community is the first responder to any type of disaster. Planning and preparation at all levels
    most importantly to deal with the challenges posed by disasters.
  2. The U.T. of Puducherry has a 45 km stretch of coastline near the Bay of Bengal and to
    to some extent near the Arabian Sea. Puducherry County alone has 24 km along the coast and Mahe has 1
    km long. The U.T. and has a water supply of 675 sq. km. Puducherry U.T. it is
    is prone to many natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes. In the past, hurricanes once
    The accompanying hurricane struck a large area along the coast of Puducherry
    U.T. The districts of Puducherry and Yanam lie on the shores of the Bay of Bengal and are influenced
    by the North East Monsoon. Heavy rains / storms occurring under the influence of the Northeast
    The monsoon sometimes causes great damage to health and property.
  3. Although not all natural disasters can be predicted and prevented, the state of preparedness once and for all
    the ability to respond quickly to a natural disaster can greatly reduce the loss of life and property as well
    human suffering and recovery as soon as possible. Therefore, it is very important
    to develop a plan to deal with post-disaster emergencies
    and is updated periodically.
  4. All planning has your goals and objectives. The primary purpose of this Regional Disaster
    The Management Action Plan is to protect all citizens and all forms of wealth in all its forms
    adverse events for the following purposes.

Thus, the plan has been adjusted in light of the existing, existing infrastructure
resources and lessons learned from past disasters and their recurrence
future. It is intended to serve as a District Disaster Management Program
Administration, as well as other government agencies and others.
To alleviate the suffering of any disaster, financial and human relief is provided
affected and rescue services are provided on a large scale. Without this repair and restoration
tasks are prioritized. To deal with the situation, the State Emergency Operation Center in
Puducherry works day and night. Different Departments Departments have different roles to play in
disaster time as defined in the Disaster Management Framework developed by the Department
Revenue and risk management. The need for an effective disaster management strategy to mitigate
the impact of disasters is increasingly felt in many places. Government, as an official
who responds to any disaster situation, is responsible for preparedness and mitigation measures, in
in addition to planning an effective disaster response plan. In this tournament, the similarities are
the response, which includes the level of assistance in various parts of the country is important. Ku
a view of the increasing tendency and intensity of natural disasters in the past, to strengthen
the framework of the disaster risk management organization at various levels and the review / update regularly
codes / manuals, disaster risk plan for government is important.
Implement Disaster Management activities and deal with any eventuality at all times
disaster stages, UT Puducherry has established various Authorities, Institutional Establishment, namely
Union Territory of Puducherry Disaster Management Authority (UTPDMA), Regional Disaster
Administrative Authorities (DDMAs), Government Executive Committee (SEC), Disaster Management
Frame etc. to fulfill the roles and responsibilities, powers, duties and functions to be followed
by officers, staff, individuals, community groups of the Union Territory of Puducherry respectively
provided under the guidelines of the National Disaster Management Authority, Government of India and
Disaster Management Act of 2005. Other Sections 63, 65, 69 and 56 of the District By-law of 2005 provide for variations.
powers to Provincial Governments / Authorities to provide law enforcement and utilization of
various officers of disaster relief and rescue services during and before disasters
in previous chapters.
This is a Disaster Management Action Plan app to help DRDM officials and all stakeholders
Departments to deal effectively with any emergencies / disasters in accordance with the provisions of the Disaster
Management Framework (CMF) and SOPs. Jurisdictional SDMs and Tahsildars, Officials /
employees of Government Departments, organs of state. etc. it is necessary to act in accordance with
The Crisis Management Framework and this 2018 Regional Disaster Management Action Plan. This Disaster Management Action Plan app is not a disaster or a Department directly
it is very useful to be on stage to prepare for and experience anything that happens during North East Monsoon, South West Monsoon, Tsunami, floods, earthquakes etc. These are the guidelines and information provided here
it should not be considered complete and any action should be taken appropriately to deal with any situation
to use common sense as it is beneficial to society.

The region is a flat country with a height of 15 feet [15 m] above sea level
along the tributaries of the Gingee River and the Pennaiyar and other tributaries that form these two major tributaries.
drainage containers, attached to ponds and tanks. Northwest of the city of Puducherry, this belt
low hills (or high altitudes of about 30 meters high) are considered to extend along the Northeast – Westwest. This high point suddenly emerges from the low alluvial plain
known as “Les Montagnes Rouges” or “Puducherry Red Hills”, or Gorimedu, probably
It is named after monuments erected during the first siege of Puducherry (1760). This is very constructive
an outstanding feature in the landscape. The Gingee River crosses the region by dialing from northwest to
southeast. Pennaiyar forms the southern boundary. In fact the Alluvial delta of Pennaiyar is about to begin
low-lying area, just a few meters above sea level. To the northwest of these hills is part of
limestone formation of fossiliferous Cretaceous age. To the south of this area is found
the alluvial tract of Varahanadi (Gingee) and to the north is the latest alluvium.

Risk is defined as β€œthe level of community, building, service, or environment
who may be injured or disturbed by the impact of an accident, due to their nature,
construction and proximity to dangerous areas or disaster risk zones ”. The concept of
being at risk therefore leads to a risk calculation. Risk management can therefore mean quality
of social and economic ability to deal with the resulting event to withstand major disruptions or
loss. This risk and exposure to each type of threat will depend on your diversity
Rainfall data and water holding capacity of the various tanks mentioned earlier
The chapter provides information on how the community can withstand floods. But it is
unpredictable about low-lying areas where accommodation is available as a condition not only
it depends on the rain but how easy the area is to draw rainwater.
Therefore for periodic maintenance and monitoring during the rainy season, a
a list of ground areas is provided in Appendix – V.
Those at risk should be given priority, immediate relief and rehabilitation should be
done without much delay. Preparatory and preventive measures were carried out in particular
to PWD and the Department of Local Management and their functions and responsibilities are stated
various chapters of this book.

The province of Puducherry consists of four Taluks namely. Puducherry, Oulgaret, Villianur and Bahour.
Among these, Puducherry and Bahour are coastal Taluks lying in the strong winds and
the site of the hurricane while the other four Taluks slept in the floodplain. Puducherry has a national slope from the west
east and from north to south. Since the region is located on the coast, it does not just drain water
within the region, but also along rivers along the inland plateaus
Part of the problem comes from the regional area. Region has
coast about 24 km. The region is therefore at risk of Tsunami, cyclonic, low
stress and the resulting rains, causing floods and flooding.

Puducherry covers an area of ​​292 Sq. Km. covering the most fertile and well-watered
areas that benefit from groundwater and for large and small river systems. I
the region however is plagued by floods as more water flows down the local rivers and flows
fields due to heavy Northeast rains in the rivers and the region itself.
Drainage is poor and interference during years of drought has led to the condition
where, even rainfall, slightly higher than normal, could cause flooding to disrupt normal course
of work. Associated with this is the chronic problem of carrying small amounts of water in ponds.
Puducherry County is ranked as the most dangerous region. It is very dangerous
storm, floods / heavy rains, tsunamis, fires and industrial hazards. The 2004 tsunami was devastating
region. The region falls into earthquake II and has no history of damage
earthquake events. The region has a remote area and is free of land hazards

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