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CISF(Central Industrial Security Force)


The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) (established in its current form: 15 June 1983) is India’s Central Armed Forces.

t was enacted under an Act of Parliament of India on 10 March 1969 with a power of 2,800. The CISF was subsequently formed by the Indian military through another Act of Parliament passed on 15 June 1983. Its current capacity is 148,371 personnel. [4] In April 2017, the government increased the sanctions force from 145,000 to 180,000 workers. [5] Among its functions are to monitor critical government buildings, the Delhi Metro, and to provide security at the airport. [6] CISF is governed by the Union Home Affairs, with its headquarters in New Delhi.

Important points about CISF

CISF(Central Industrial Security Force)

Under an Act of the Indian Parliament, the CISF was established in 1969.The main purpose of the CISF is to provide industrial units and essential resources, such as atomic power plants, to save money, energy industries for security.CISF also provides advisory services to large public and private organizations.There are several esteemed clients in its consultation category, such as NBRI, TISCO, Orissa Mining Co and IB Thermal Power Plant.

Major branches and sectors of CISFThere are three main branches in the CISF
Head officeFire Service Unit onceService Branch.CISF is further organized into six sectors. The Chief Sector Inspector is the head of each sector. Such categories are listed below.
Northern Sector, headquartered in New DelhiSouthern Sector, headquartered in ChennaiWestern Sector, headquartered in MumbaiEastern Sector, headquartered in PatnaNorth – Eastern Sector, headquartered in Kolkata

CISF Constables are in charge of Public Sector Undertaking companies’ security and are responsible for a wide range of important responsibilities. The CISF Constable has a decent salary with a lot of necessities and benefits such as rent, travel expenses, etc. Read this article to know more about CISF Constable Salary, job profile, benefits, and benefits.

CISF Constable Salary 

The salary of the Central Industrial Security Force Constable and the distance paid has always been a source of attraction for the youth. The salary of CISF Constable is at Pay Band level 1 – 3. In addition to the basic salary salary the Constable is also supplemented with various additional benefits and benefits. Read the details below to find out about CISF Constable Salary. Read the table below to find out about the CISF Constable detailed salary structure

CISF Constable Job Profile

CISF is one of the most respected government agencies you can work with and certainly a career dream for many. From a job perspective, the CISF Constable job profile is full of job responsibilities and responsibility. The main function of the CISF Constable is to provide integrated security to PSUs (Public Sector Undertaking) and other major national infrastructure. Below we have discussed the major job responsibilities of a CISF Constable who should be aware of

Provide security on various PSUs and other critical infrastructure. Protect Government infrastructure projects and industrial units.Delhi Metro security is managed by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF),Too to providing protection, safety, and security in the work industrial installation, the CISF Constable also provides protection from fire hazards.

CISF Constable Career and Growth Promotions

Every candidate for office wishes to rise to prominence in his or her professional career, so, you may also want to know about career growth prospects in the Central Industrial Security Force. There is a lot to grow and promote CISF. Candidates must work hard and always have a good track record of success to get a quick promotion. Below we have discussed the CISF Standard structure to inform you of the future of your promotion if you are elected to the CISF.

The structure of the CISF military rank at Group ‘A’ level (Gazette Officers) is as follows:

DG or Director-General

ADG or more Director-GeneralInspector

GeneralDeputy Auditor-GeneralExtra

Deputy Auditor-General

CommanderDeputy Commander

Assistant Commander

Enrolled Members (Non-Gazetted Ranks

Great SubedarInspector





CISF Constable Selection Process 2021 – See More Details.

The CISF or Central Industrial Security Force is a centralized military force responsible for providing security for nuclear weapons installations, airspace, airports, airports, power stations, critical government buildings and heritage monuments. CISF issues vacancies by number. of vacancies to be replaced by Constable (Tradesman) this year. Expected 900+ job vacancies. The CISF Constable 2021 Examination dates will be announced soon along with the official notice of the CISF Constable 2021 Examination.

The CISF Constable (Tradesman) selection process is very long with 6 stages. To understand what the claim is for the candidates, see the entire article to find out more about how applicants must clear all categories to become part of a respected security force.

CISF Constable selection process.

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) will invite applications for the appointment of the CISF Constable (Tradesman) 2021 position which only happens to men. Under this recruitment process, applicants will be required to undergo various tests to clear the entire selection process. These tests include the Height Bar Test, Physical Efficiency Test (PET), Physical Standard Test (PST), Documents, Commercial Testing and Written Testing.

Stage I: Height Bar Tes

Male baptism candidates should be eligible for a bar test of approximately 170 cm in general; to proceed to the next round / stage i.e. PET. This is the first round without marks and is successful.

Stage II: Physical Efficiency Test 

entrants to the pipeline that completes the bar test will face a 1.6 Km race that must be completed in 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

Note: This test will also be a natural qualification. Candidates who are not eligible for the race will be removed from the recruitment process by being issued with a refusal slip stating the reasons for this by the Chief Executive Officer and will not be allowed to proceed with the recruitment process. completing this 2nd round will take you to step 3.

Stage III: Physical Standard Test

The CISF Constable Tradesman Post Performance Standards include chest measurements and lengths of various sections covering structured structures and organized nations. The table also mentions applicants from many areas such as Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir and the conditions that need to be filled by unregistered categories and other nations.