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Group C Clerk Recruitment 2022 – apply for the latest job at Westbengalssc.com. The West Bengal Central School Service Commission has issued a notice to Group C Secretary. Interested individuals may download the full vacancy notice via Westbengalssc.com. In the meantime, know 2022

Candidates should have their own mobile number and valid & active personal email ID and keep
them active for the entire duration of recruitment as RRBs/RRCS shall send all recruitment related
communications only through SMS and email till the recruitment is completely over. RRBs/RRCS
will not entertain any request for change of mobile number and e-mail address at any stage. Only
one ONLINE Registration is permitted through one mobile number and one email ID under this CEN.
Applications are to be submitted ONLINE through the RRB websites ONLY listed at Para 21.0 (A) of
this CEN. One application ONLY is required to be submitted to the selected Railway for all its notified
posts in this CEN. Candidates can apply to only one Railway. Application to more than one Railway,
will lead to rejection of all the applications. Any attempt to submit more than one application by a
candidate against this CEN shall result in disqualification and debarment.
Candidates are required to go through the vacancy table, ascertain their eligibility and then exercise
options for the Railways and post(s) within the Railway chosen as per their eligibility. The selection of
Railway once exercised shall be final.
Eligibility of the candidates will be considered only on the strength of the information furnished in
the ONLINE Application. Candidates need NOT send printouts of application or certificates or copies
to RRBs concerned by post. If at any stage of recruitment or thereafter, it is found that any
information furnished by the candidate in his/her application is false/incorrect or the candidate has
suppressed any relevant information or the candidate does not satisfy the eligibility criteria for the
post(s), his/her candidature will be rejected forthwith.
Candidates can modify the application particulars except Railway chosen, Email ID and Mobile
Number, even after submission of application, but within the last date of submission of application,
by paying modification fee. However, after the last date for submission of application ,
RRB/RRC shall not entertain any representation for modification of the information furnished in the
Candidates must ensure that they fulfill the prescribed Medical Standards for the post(s) they are
opting for. Candidates who are found medically unsuitable for the opted post(s) shall not be given
any alternative appointment.
Center/City allocation for CBT/PET will depend upon technical and logistical feasibility. Candidates
may have to travel to other Cities/States for attending CBT/PET. Request for Change of Exam Centre
shall NOT be allowed under any circumstances.
To avoid last minute rush, candidates are advised in their own interest to register and submit ONLINE
application much before the closing date since there may be a possibility of inability/failure to log on
to the website of RRB concerned on account of heavy load on the internet or website during last days
of online registration.
RRBs do not accept any responsibility for the candidates not being able to register and/or submit
their application within the last day on account of aforesaid reasons or any other reason.

Any candidate found using unfair means of any kind in the examination/CBT, sending
someone else in his/her place to appear in the examination, attempt to impersonate will be debarred
from appearing in all the examinations of all the RRBs/RRCs (Railway Recruitment Cell) for lifetime.
He/she will also be debarred from getting any appointment in the Railways, and if already appointed,
will be dismissed from service. Such candidates are also liable for legal prosecution.
Banned items: Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, blue tooth, pen drive, laptops, calculators,
wrist watches or any other communication devices or pen/pencil, wallet/purses, belts, shoes and
metallic wears including ornaments etc. are strictly NOT allowed inside the exam hall. Any
infringement of this instruction shall entail summary rejection besides legal action including
debarment from future examinations. Candidates are advised in their own interest not to bring any
of the banned items including mobile phones etc. to the venue of the examination, as arrangements
for safe keeping cannot be assured.
Stages of Exam: The exam shall be Computer Based Test (CBT). Railway Administration reserves the
right to conduct the CBT in either single or multi stage mode. Candidates qualifying in the CBT shall
have to undergo Physical Efficiency Test (PET). It will be followed by Document Verification and
Medical Examination.
Call Letters: Candidates will have to download the City and Date Intimations, e- Call Letters and
Travel Authority (wherever applicable) from the links provided on the official websites of RRBs/RRCs.

Admission to all stages of the hiring process will be temporary, subject to nominations
to satisfy the prescribed eligibility criteria.
The mere issuance of an e-Call letter to the nominees will NOT mean that their nomination has expired.
approved by RRB / RRC. The position may be rejected at any stage of the hiring process.
RRB / RRCs make validation of the terms of reference only in the original documents
after the students have passed all the examination phases and are shortlisted in the Document
Verification. The RRB / RRC may refuse to stand for election to any applicant in any category of employment
procedure if the candidate is found not to meet the required conditions and if nominated, a
the nominated person is liable for temporary removal to the service.
Prior to submitting a complaint against this notice, candidates must be satisfied
they carry out all the criteria for eligibility including age, educational qualifications and medical standards.
Students must ensure that they have the required qualifications from the Board / Institution known as
on the closing date of online registration which is 12.04.2019. They are not waiting for the final results
the qualification tests are not valid and therefore should not work.
Requests from candidates who are trying to apply for minor information changes and / or
facts on more than one Railways and / or multiple applications on the same Railway will be brief
has been rejected and those who will be baptized will be barred from all future RRB and RRC trials.
Candidates may be barred by any RRB / RRC for life or for a specified period
unfinished YOU MUST NOT apply for this notice. Their intervention will be denied on time
any category of employment if received.
Nominees must include their Name, Father’s Name and date of birth as provided in the SSLC /
Only a matric certificate. However, candidates with only ITI / NAC degrees can enter
this information according to the ITI / NAC certificate.
In the case of name changes, candidates should only show their changed name ON THE INTERNET
application. However, some details must be accompanied by a Matric or Equal Certificate.
The date of the change (or) request for that change must be before the ONLINE date
The Gazette Notice or any other legal document applicable to such cases must be sent to
document verification time (DV).
The signatures of the candidates for all the documents must be the same at all stages of the recruitment process.
and must be in active hand and not with blocks / capital letters or separate characters. Signatures in various forms
style during CBT / PET / DV (as applicable) etc., can lead to candidate cancellation.
The test dates will also be published on the participating RRB / RRCs websites. After that,
CBT / PET / DV E-Call letters (as applicable) should be downloaded ONLY from official websites.
of the relevant RRB / RRCs. No phone book will be mailed. Test Center, Date and Shift

Spaces displayed in CEN are temporary and may increase or decrease or may become NIL
total or in certain communities / positions / units in the future depending on actual needs
Railways Administration. Also, additional spaces for the railway may be required
in the future.
The Railway Administration also reserves the right to cancel reported posts at its discretion
and that decision will be final and binding on all. In the case of the withdrawal of notified vacancies,
the exam fees paid by the nominees will not be refunded without candidates
released sections to CBT. See section 7.0 for categories exempt from payments.
Spaces Preferences and / or Trains / Units: Options from selected candidates in various spaces
relevant to the selected Railway, will be picked up during the ONLINE posting
Upon completion of all stages of the hiring process, the RRB / RRCs will distribute the Post & Railway / Unit as per
eligible option ONLY under eligibility, medical level and job position.
Once the candidates have been nominated on their own merits, they will lose their right
considered for any other post / category.
Candidates with a partial option will only be considered for certain categories selected by them. Ku
case, no choice is given for a particular post, it will be considered their same dislike.
However, RRB / RRCs also reserve the right to distribute post / train / non-candidate candidates, if
considered necessary in terms of administrative interest, depending on the person (s) meeting
the requirements for the position concerned.
In the event of a lack of co-operation for candidates or other emergencies, the RRB / RRC reserves the right
use an additional list of candidates (waiting list), if required, according to the selection and selection of
candidates. However, this will not give any rights to such persons to be considered
Nomination by the RRB / RRC does not entitle candidates to any Railways nomination right.
The function of the RRB / RRC is to recommend the names of suitable people to the person concerned
Zonal Railway officials claim that they have issued a letter of appointment based on that
the availability of spaces and the satisfaction of all means of merit including preliminary and characters.
Nominees will be required to make a Security bond and / or penalty where necessary
time to join Railways.
Generally, a railway employee will be employed throughout his or her service on the Railway or Train.
an appointment which he or she has placed on his or her first appointment and will not have a claim as to his or her right
transfer to another railway or other facility. In emergency emergencies, however, it will be
open to the Competent Authority to transfer a railway worker to any other department or railroad
or the establishment of trains involves a project in or outside India.
Selected candidates are ultimately responsible for the effective work of the Railway Engineers’ Unit.
of the Territorial Army.
Free Sleeper Class Railway Pass was approved for SC / ST candidates. SC / ST students who wish to benefit
The free travel officer will be required to indicate ‘Yes’ in the appropriate column in the ONLINE application and
upload a valid type certificate. For such people, the free Sleeper Class Railway Pass will be part of the ecall letter when it is called to the various categories of leasing. CBT / PET / DV (as applicable) as
according to the information provided and uploaded to the ONLINE application. It is the responsibility of the candidates

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