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A Goods guard is a person who is responsible for the safe delivery of all goods loaded on that train. He is seen in a brake van, an area connected to the end of the train which is his workplace.

Some of his duties are:

They are easily available at headquarters to report work.
Ensure proper operation of emergency brakes at full capacity.
Make sure the carts are properly assembled.
Provide regular updates on track lines, crossovers, loco driver specifications.
Perform all necessary safety steps for the train
Notify the pilot or authorities in the event of any unusual occurrence
Proper maintenance of a security journal with the required travel information.
In short, these wardens must fully control the train while moving to ensure the safety of the goods and trainers.

The guards usually work 8-10 hours after which they are allowed to rest for 15-16 hours in the ‘running room’ located at certain stations. They also start work again on a separate train.

But the conditions under which they work make it one of the most difficult tasks on the train. Since no proper lightning or toilets are available inside the brake van, ladies are not qualified for this job.

Salary: Having said all that, the salary of a security guard is among the highest. You get it

It will have all the accommodation classes namely AC I Class, AC 2 Tier, Second
Category 3 trainers and 2 or 3 general trainers.High quality security trainers are used such as anti telescopic / LHB
passenger safety.

Pantry car is provided.

Mobile retailers are offered to sell beverages.

Some high-speed trains run with full AC without regular trainers.

on other important high-speed trains such as the accompanying Rajadhani Express
food is provided throughout the trip.

on other important fast trains such as Shatabdhi Express snacks for free as well
mineral water is provided.

With important high-speed trains such as Rajadhani, Shatabdhi, Duronto
Newsletters and free magazines are provided for reading.

Some high-speed trains like Duronto run nonstop from source to destination
a destination to block technical behaviors.

Some high-speed trains like the Sampark crane run connect everything that matters
state stations to the National capital of New Delhi.

Some high-speed trains like the Garibrath Express carry a rich class
complete AC accommodation with minimal fares for intermediate benefits

Toilets are provided with good and clean facilities.

Advanced lighting fixtures are provided.

The timeliness of high-speed trains is monitored by the Railway board.

The average speed of a fast train should not be less than 60 KMPH from
from the station to our destination including the train station

IRS Screw Coupling. – Used for BG Coaching stock.CBC (Center Buffer Coupling) (‘E’ TYPE) – Used for stock BG Goods.

CBC (Center Buffer Coupling) (‘H’ Type) – Used for some recent BG trainers.
(Strong key)

Semi Permanent Couplers – Used by DHMU / EMU / DEMU Trainers.
(Shako couplers)

Free couplers – Used in BLC (Container) Wagon.

Transition Coupling – Used For All Engines (‘E’ Type & ‘H’ Type)

ABC (Automatic Buffer Coupler) – Used for MG training and Asset stock.
Confirm the following while assembling (IRS) Trainers.
Integration should be fully strengthened. No loose mixing is allowed.
The tightness of the cord should be the same on both sides of the twisting belt.
Loose joints will lead to running and joints may break down as well as the effects of separation training.
Verify the correct CBC Coupler Lock (type ‘E’).
The locked area is shown by Toggle which should be clearly visible under
coupler head with a minimum of 19mm.
Verify Correct CBC Coupler Lock (type ‘H’):
After mixing check the CBC coach and loco CBC is well locked
Clear Tell Tale Tracks
The Lock lift assembly server should be perpendicular to the CBC.
Yellow paint visible marker is indicative of proper lock

list of employees who regularly drink alcohol should be kept at all stations, staff vacations, etc.
without fail.
A special watch should be kept for these liquor workers, especially runners.
All employees should be advised that it is their responsibility to report any employees
is found under the influence of alcohol
Employees identified as alcoholics should be advised on short-term / long-term illness
effects of alcohol during training at training centers.
Families of workers should also be advised of the harmful effects of alcohol.
Workers who use alcohol are sent to concentration camps.
Addiction camps may be organized separately between their resources or
A separate NGO’S should be identified for this purpose.
These fields should be scheduled periodically and this should be a
an ongoing process.
Employees should be assessed by performing ambiguous checks
breathalyzers. In the event that you are found to be positive, it should be taken under D&AR / Major
penalty. Especially for employees who run before signing “OPEN” and signing the BA test “OFF”
done without fail.
If you are found to be positive while signing “ON” you should not be considered overworked
a fine will be issued.
If you are found to be positive while signing “OFF” employees will be suspended with the maximum penalty

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