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Gateman Of Railways Jobs

Railway Recruitment Cell, North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur will announce a recruiting event for Ex-Servicemen, interested Ex-Servicemen candidates can apply online at www.nergkp.org or apply by sending a hard copy. of office application. of the RRC, NER Gorakhpur.

Applications received in the first week of Aug 2021 (Expected) will be considered for round 1 selection. Applications received until the 3rd week of Aug will be considered to choose Round 2 (if there is space left in round 1 election). Applications received until the last week of Aug will be considered for the selection in Round 3 (if there is a vacancy left in the round 2 election).

Before applying online or sending a hard copy of the application, Interested Ex-Servicemen should be aware of the appointment of RRC NER 2021 as a formal notice, no. for vacancies, eligibility method, application mode and process, application fee, selection process, etc.

Open the official North Eastern Railway website or click here
On the homepage, find and click the ‘Contact Us / Rent’ link
Then click the ‘rental’ link
Click on the ‘RRC’ link
Then click the link ‘Apply Online Must Be Installed Only Previous Workers)’
A new page will be opened
Now accept the announcement and click on the ‘Click Internet Request’ tab
You will see a new page with an application form for the hiring of former gateman staff on a contract basis
Enter your personal details like you and your father’s name
Choose a birthday
Type your address for letters
Enter your PIN
Select your qualification details
Type the letters as shown in the picture
Review all details and make corrections (if required)
Then click on ‘Submit Application Form’
Publish your final submitted form and keep it safe for future use

Candidates can apply offline by sending a hard copy of the application to the RRC office, NER Gorakhpur before the deadline. The profile for the offline application is provided on the last page of the official notice. Print proforma for offline application. Then fill in the printed application form. Details to be completed on the printed application form are provided below.

Candidate Name (In uppercase letter)
Father’s name (in uppercase)
Birthday, Aadhaar and mobile number.
Contact PIN address
Qualifications details
Service joining date and retirement date
Duration of service (years, months and days)
Location preferences

After completing all of the above details on your printed application form, paste your latest color image into the space provided and mail it to the following address.

It is proposed that the Ex-S_erviceman contractor be used to act as .Gate-men
at the entrances to the entrances .the place of Tiruchchirappalli
· Phase, that is, Thiruvanir-Karaikudi (TVR-KKDI) category. Likewise,
applications in the prescribed form (Annexure A) from Ex-
. Staff: called. by the involvement of Sango- · men at the joint level
crossing the gates of TVR-KKDI (Thiruvarur-Karaikudi) part of Tiruchchirappalli
The Division, Southern Railway directly fulfills all of the following eligibility criteria. . . .
Eligibility criteria are date · date of notification:
General:Former veterans who have been discharged from the military and do not
Withdrawal certificate, Ex-Serviceman ~ ID card and Pension Payment
Order. ·

Retired personnel from Para Military Forces, namely, BSF, CRPF, CISF, etc.,
. you are not eligible to apply.
· You must not be over 55 years old.
Educational eligibility: _
Qualification degree is X Standard Pass –
(SSLC / Equivalent Army Education). ·
Medical Level:
According to Ra, ilway Medical standards for dispatch as Gatekeeper.
Shipping location:
Ex-Servicemen employees who are found to be qualified will commit themselves as Gatemen m
combined. gates on a contractual basis and placed over the legal act of
Thiruvarur ~ Karaikudi (TVR-KKDI) part of the Tiruchchirappalli Division

Training: · ·
· Former employees who are found to be medically fit in the required medical category will be
provided the necessary training (theory and practice) for about 11 years
determined by Railways prior to their actual delivery. No payment will be made
done_for ‘training’ and Ex-Servicemen should make their own
· Arrangements for a trip to the training center, accommodation / accommodation, etc.,
Shipping location:.
Ex-Servicemen staff found eligible will work as Gatemen in
the gates are connected on a contractual basis and are located at a specific location of TVRKKDI (Thiruvarur-Karaikudi) part of the Tiruchchirappalli Division.
Other terms of engagement:.
a) After processing the applications,
training completed, Service personnel to be performed · tested
process to check their suitability for engagem_ent .. After the scre · ening, the
· Recommended candidates will use the agreement with the ncYn judgment stamp. ·
paper to va ~ ue of Rs.-100 / – in the required format before its original
performance posting. ·
b) Agreemei agreement: it · is. for a year or so
· Ordinary people are selected by RRB / Rl ~ C or ti ~ l – th.e system.
of Employee Involvement as Gateman on contract basis is available, anywhere before. · · c) Administrators shall have the freedom to suspend the services of those appointed employees without prior notice, in the case · fheir performance – found from him _satisfactory. · · d). Non-Users who are found to be eligible · will be promised marriage as · Gatemen m connected gates · on -contract basis over the jurisdictio: q of TVR-KKDI (Thiruvarur-Karaikudi) part of the Tirucbchirappalli Division. They are the only ones are willing to be sent in seconds above the seeds · to apply. Testing . cominittee · mentoried above .Workers
· Identity document, 3) Issuance Certificate, 4) Pension. Payment Order once
5) Certificate of qualification (only Matric / X Staridard / SSLC ‘or
same certificate).
D Working hours will be 12 hours a day or 8 hours a day depending on
The Gates are set.
g) Ex-Servicemen employees wear uniforms and other gears determined by

h) Partnership · is based on contract only and will not receive any ad.!} tage
or the choice of any function / benefits / rights in Railways. –
Funds and resources:
a) Former employees who are contracted as Gatemeni by contract will receive a, n
amount · of t23,000 / – per month as total ·· monthly salary. Wear it money will be provided in addition. Official adoption will work in the above. b) Former employees who are still being distributed as Gatemen by contract will be entitled 10 days a year of exceptional leave during the contract period. At any time of absence, equal deductions from monthly salary will be. made. ‘ Gattnen activities in brief: · ·. ·. · · · · · · Default. A qualified Gatemen will operate .as required by the Rail Act and perform activities as stated in the Indian Railway Permanent Way Manual. ~ x-Staff used as a Gateman are required _working as a Gatei: nen at a connected level

  • Skip the gates found on Thaivarur-Karaiku’di Raiway tracks (TVR-KKDI)
    section over the Tiruchchirappalli Division on the Southern Railway. Jobs in l? ‘Rief
    provided in Appendix-.B. · · ·
    Ex-Serviceman wishes to be posted as Gateman on conti: act basis- on ·
    accept all, terms and conditions – laid go – ‘ they agreed to do
    The activities of Gatemen as specified in the Indian Permanent Way Mfill: ual are advised
    submit their applications in the prescribed manner · (Appendix A) from ·
    date of this notice up to 29.J 1.2021 to the Chief of Labor,
    Southern Railway, Tiruchchirappalli. Division, Tiruchchirappalli Junction. ·.
    PIN-620001. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.
    . .
    Closed requests are. -posted by OFdinary post-only with title.
    cover such as “Ex-Serviceman Interaction on a contractual basis”
    Informed in applica! LtS th ?, ‘this discussion at .contract
    the foundation will not give them any right .to seek · be absorbed or permanently absorbed.
    po ~ ting-in Railways. ‘ ). -v.
    Fenced area:.
  • Annexure A: Application Form once
  • Appendix B: Garnen’s activities in brief

Caution: Gateman must be vigilant and ready to take immediate action should •
accident caught. The keys of the Gate shall be over his inheritance.
At the Passing of the Train: Gateman must stop at the Track on the side of the Gate lodge
The train is approaching. He has to watch every passing Train until the last c9mpartnient and be
ready to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of trains. ·
Emergency Action: In the event of a Level Crossing obstacle, Gateman should
keep gate signals, if they are in the “ON” area and if you can not remove them, protect
li11e as below: ·
a) In a double I.tie, if both lines are blocked between 0s
per day, you will plant a red flag banner at a
a distance of 5 meters · in line · ~ the train is expected to arrive first, then plant
another red banner flag on the other line in the block area. He will then pick up the red
· Han, d point and point, continue in that line towards the approximate ·
Train to choose 600 ~ ~ from Cross Crossing and place one bomb in a row,
then proceed to a distance of not less than 1200 meters from Leve ~ Crossing and · place 3-
detonators in a line 10 meters apart. It is thus protected, when a ·
It is expected that the train will arrive first, he must return to th.e Level Crossm.g ‘pickir) .g
explosives in the middle of his path. He will then move on to another line in the snowy sea.
hand signal, place explosives. similarly also return to the obstacle sit-e to warn i
Drivet of ~ approaching Train. · ‘
b) In one line, if the line is blocked, during the day, you will plant a Janner red flag. nase ·
the way the Train is expected to arrive first, and then plant another ~ baruier flag
facing t_ the opposite direction in place cif, to prevent. f1 will · re-pick up <; i’hap: d
signal also as in sub-parn (a) ‘above, protect the line where · · The train is leaving. which is expected to be near-first.return to the place of obstacles.and continue with all the rush in another direction to protect the line. After securing the line on both sq.es you should stop himself in place (! £ obstruc ~ ion to warn the Driver of the approaching train. ·. c) At night the Gateman must strike the signals of both hands and take the red signal ” light up and protect lines as in ~ (a) and (b), above. · ·. · ·.
· D) Gateman should take immediate action to inform · Mate, SSE / P.Way or JE / P.Way and
. the nearest Station Master about prevention at Level Crossmg with ine $ senger or
alternatives available. . . .
Train Divide: If Gateni.an noticed that the Train was separated ‘, he would not show a stop sign.
signai to the Driver, but will try to attract the attention of the Driver and the security guard in.
shouting with gestures or other means. . • ·
The Guardian must make sure that the Gate lights and lamps of all Gat ~ ~ signs are lit again
it is constantly burning.usly.from sunset to. sunrise. . .
No GatemanJ, will come out of his Gate unless the other Gateman is in charge. If necessary
to leave his Gate in an emergency, before doing so, he must close and I (? ck Gates against
. public road. ,. .
Gateman should see that channel f9r flq_nge wheel is kept popular.
The above instructions regarding the functions of Gate.man are indicative and incomplete, The
Naru.re of work, procedq.res, complete guidelines and Gateman tasks are explained in Indian
The Railway Manual Manual should be followed without deviation at all times
function. · ·

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