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increase or decrease depending on actual Management requirements over time
finalization of selection.
There will be bookings of up to 4% for People with Disabilities (PwBD) AND 3% for ExServicemen. Quota spaces in the specified categories are included in all spaces so they are not included
to fill in the blanks.
Applicants seeking to benefit from booking Ex-servicemen and Armed Forces
Employees and if there are children of Ex-servicemen and children of Armed Forces Personnel, see
must upload the Certificate of Release or Military Service Certificate respectively (as is the case
can be) to his parents at the time of applying online.
In SC positions, if a specified number of SC people are not available, we will know
completed by ST applicants. For ST posts, in the event that ST Applicants are not available, they will be filled out
by SC applicants. If the prescribed training vacancies for SC / ST applicants cannot be filled even in
above in the given way, then the remaining vacant training vacancies will be filled by people who are not their own
For Organized Participants or Organized Nations i.e. Unreserved Applicants. Similarly, the seats
OCD applicants will be completed Applicants for the reserve category.
Applicants who wish to receive a SC / ST booking benefit, must submit their Caste.
a Central Government format certificate issued only by the relevant authorities in accordance with
Appendix – “B” at the time of applying online.
OBC applicants are required to download OBC Caste Certificate and Non-Creamy Layer Certificate
operates in the current year 2020-2021 in the form of Central Government (Appendix – “C”)
issued on 01/04/2020 or thereafter by the Competent Authority. Certificates must reflect Caste, Date
Yodaba etc. and is marked with Issuing Authority. They also need to be filled regularly
and upload the declaration form about the current Non-Creamy Layer status as usual
Annexure – “D”
However, they are advised to apply for the latest OBC certificate with a Non-Creamy Layer certificate
is valid for the current year 2021-2022 to be available for timely delivery
Document Verification.
Reservation for Economic Stability (EWS)
Candidates not covered under the SC / ST / OBC-NCL booking system and by whom
the family has a total annual income of less than Rs. 8.00 Lakh (Only Rupee Lakhs Only) will be identified
as EWS to benefit from EWS reservations. Revenue will also include income from all sources
namely income, agriculture, business, crafts etc. in the financial year preceding the year of application.
Booking benefits under EWS can be obtained from the production of Income and Assets
Certificate issued by the Competent Authority. Income Certificate issued by any of the
The following authorities in the prescribed manner as provided in Annexure – “G” will only be accepted
as a candidate application as in EWS.
a) District Magistrate / Addl. District Magistrate / Collector / Deputy Commissioner / Addl. Deputy
Commissioner / First Class Sependiary Magistrate / Sub-Magistrate / Taluka Magistrate /
Senior Magistrate / Additional Commissioner Assistant.
b) Presidential Office / Addl. Chief Presidential Magistrate / Presidency Magistrate.
c) The Incoming Officer not below the level of Tehsildar.
d) Divisional Dividing Officer of the area where the candidate and / or his or her family resides.

The selection of eligible applicants for training under the Apprentice Act, 1961 will be based
in the list of marks can be adjusted by taking a percentage of the marks obtained in
applicants for both Matric [50% (aggregate) marks and ITI examinations
to give equal weight to both. 6.2 If two applicants · have the same marks the older applicants will be selected. Ku
if the dates of birth are also the same, then early matric applicants will do the same
first thought. There will be no written test or viva.
Applicants are not required to send any copies of application / certificates / documents to RRC-WR by post but
you have to upload the same online.
Counting of Marks: –
a. For the purpose of calculating the percentage of SSC / matric marks Total marks
Topics mentioned in the Paper. (Not the best of the five but complete for all subjects including choice
title / additional title / other title, etc.). The CGPA obtained by the applicants must
converted into actual marks and duly filed by the applicant in the online application. Please
Note that final scores should be calculated by adding marks for all subjects that do not belong to either group
b. For the purpose of calculating the percentage of ITI marks, intermediate marks are stated in
an integrated statement of marks for all trade semesters used i.e. Marks mentioned in
National Interim Trade Certificate issued by NCVTISCVT, which must be officially submitted
the applicant in an online application will only be counted.
c. The applicant should note that in the event of any conflict in the Marks / CGPA
an online application and Original Marksheet / Certificate, available at the time of the Volume
To confirm, the nomination of Applicants will be briefly rejected.
Trade-wise / Community – A List of Wise Qualifications will be issued by the relevant Unit / units to

Applicants must apply online by visiting www.rrc-wr.com. Detailed instructions for filling
up ONLINE applications will be available on the website.
Applicants are required to complete personal details / Trade / Aadhaar number / Marks / CGPA /
Preferences Categories / Workshops etc. with great care as the Computerized Merit list will be
provided only on the basis of the information completed by the applicant on the ONLINE
application. In the event that there is a conflict identified during the Document Verification, i
The applicant will be temporarily withdrawn.
Applicants must have an Aadhaar card. At the time of registration, Applicants were four
to fill in a 12-digit Aadhaar card number. Applicants who do not have an Aadhaar number and are registered
for Aadhaar but who have not yet received an Aadhaar Card can enter a printed Aadhaar registration ID with 28 characters
which is the Aadhaar registration certificate.
This provision applies to applicants in all provinces and territories of the Union outside the region
Jammu and Kashmir, Meghalaya and Assam Applicants from these provinces can go online
application form, ID number, official passport number, driver’s license number or any other
A valid Government ID at the time of applying online. Applicants must disclose the original
The Aadhaar card or document mentioned above, during the verification of the document.
Applicants must ensure that their name, surname, date of birth must be exactly the same as recorded
on Matric or similar certificate. Any deviation found during Document Verification will result
cancellation of election and withdrawal.
Applicants are advised to provide their valid mobile number and valid email ID ONLINE
application and keep them active throughout the entire negotiation process as important
messages will be notified on the website and email / SMS will be sent only to selected ones
Applicants who will be considered educated applicants.
Only one Part / Workplace is allowed. The option when used is FINAL and binding
to the nominees. Applicants are instructed to check the Tradewise vacancy table (Appendix “A”) at
verify reported posts and ensure that the Workshop / Workshop they wish to submit
have job vacancies such as their trade / Qualifications / Community / Category.
Applicants with ITI qualifications in more than one job may apply for a variety of relevant jobs
traders separately.
Applicants attempting to submit more than one TRADE application with different details
such as Father / Name / Father / Community / PWD / Education and / or Professional Degree etc.
or by Alternative Email / Mobile Number they are notified that all such requests will be made briefly
Applicants must download the printouts of their Internet application which must be reproduced
where required by the Railway Administration.
Applicants are required to report their Document / Certificate and their authenticity
And Certificate of Medical Compliance (Appendix H) in Component / workshop / Affected Unit.
Applicants must download their EWS Certificate as per Para if
to apply against EWS Quo

The selection of eligible applicants for training under the Apprentice Act, 1961 will be based
in the list of marks can be adjusted by taking a percentage of the marks obtained in
applicants for both Matric [50% (aggregate) marks and ITI examinations
to give equal weight

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