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Compiler (Registrar General of India) SSC Jobs Profile -2022

Compiler (Registrar General of India) SSC Jobs Profile

the term Compiler (Registrar General of India) is classified as a Group C position of General Central Service and falls under the Department of Home Affairs. This is a Helper-level position and is primarily involved in missionary work.

Your key activities include the following-

Collecting and analyzing data to obtain high quality data about Indian population
Collecting information from various sources and liaising with other departments
Compiling data from census and preparing reports
Doing math tasks i.e. working with numbers and data
Writes reports
You may also be appointed as a Personal Assistant as the power of stenographers has declined recently. Task is 9 to 5, which means you will be working within the scheduled schedule. However, the work is not uncommon. Not everyone is eligible for the position of Coordinator. You must be from after Mathematics or Mathematics.

Compiler job profile is very clear. You are less likely to advance to higher positions. In addition, because of the limited seats, lifts often take time. Your first promotion may take approximately 7-8 years, from the date of your joining as a developer.

The position of co – ordinator is the most popular decision when it comes to the duties of Government graduates. If you are a person, who is not willing to do field service and is more comfortable doing desk work, it is one of the best ways to work. Since it is a government job, you will never have to worry about your finances after retirement. Work will ensure financial stability for the rest of your life. To get there, though, make sure you work hard and cover all the important topics in your SSC CGL test syllabus.Compiler (Registrar General of India)

This article will include Coordinator in Registrar General of India (part of SSC CGL Tier 1, Combined Qualifications Level), Coordinator in India General Registration Description / Profile, Coordinator’s Salary to India Registrar General, Coordinator in Registrar General of India Work time, Work Process of Consolidation in the Registrar General of India, Required Qualifications of a Coordinator in the Registrar General of India and a Compiler in the Registrar General of India examination sections.

Dear MockBankers

In order to assist candidates to choose a career profile that fits their environment, we will create a series of different job vacancies specified in the official SSC CGL notice.

Compiler (Registrar General of India) Hours of operation:

Coordinator in the Registrar General of India Job Description:
Coordinator to the Registrar General of India as the name suggests the position of assistant. He will work in the various departments that fall under the Registrar General of India

Your job profile will depend on where you are sent.
Mostly you will be doing missionary work, writing and compiling reports.
Consultant to the Registrar General of India Hours of Operation:
As the General Registrar of India, you will have a proper work schedule. Every day you will leave in the morning and return home in the evening, no more working hours and shift work.

Coordinator in Registrar General of India career path: SSC CGL – Compiler in Registrar General of India Job Profile, Career Path, Salary, Graduation and Examination Phase.
As a facilitator in the Registrar General of India, you will be getting great opportunities.

The promotion will be timed.

Consolidator to the Registrar General of India salary and allowances
Payment Scale
Grade Pay
Initial Payment
Total Payment (i) + (ii)
As Auditor at C & AG you will be entitled to the following major grants:

DA on Total Pay over (approximately 107%)
Transportation Grant
Housing Lease Grant (if not provided with accommodation)
Fuel supply
Limited mobile bill
According to current payment rates, you will receive approximately Rs 23,000 / – pm initially (may vary slightly by shipping)mpiler (Registrar General of India)

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