Head of Departments Secretary

Head of Departments

The effectiveness of an organization is largely dependent on sufficient flexibility
procedures and procedures and the ability of its employees to follow them.
Likewise, the efficiency of the people in charge of secretarial work in government
the organization can be judged on their ability to dispel issues – especially receipts,
charges etc. speed and quality, in accordance with prescribed procedures
purpose. The main purpose of all Government work is to meet the citizens
their needs and well-being forward. At the same time, they will be accountable to impartiality
business management must ensure that public finances are managed with the utmost care
and wisdom. Therefore, it is necessary, in each case, to keep a proper record
not only about what is being done but also why it is being done

Procedures set out in the Central Secretariat Manual of Office
Process (CSMOP), attempts to quantify the conflicting assumptions of speed,
quality, transparency and merit. In the changing case, this balance cannot be
firmly or permanently repaired. Every law and procedure must apply a
direct purpose.
The First Edition of the CSMOP was published in March, 1955 and since then
it is updated periodically to take care of the changing situation. I
The 13th Edition of CSMOP arrived in September, 2010. This version of
CSMOP is very powerful and therefore does not receive the required attention
Of Public Servants to read it. Existing CSMOP system
submitted 14th in the series. Number of entries that existed before
CSMOPs are also available in a variety of documents and manuals directly related to
title deleted. The new CSMOP has been prepared for this purpose
remove inactivity, multiply and complete the required number
can be easily downloaded from various Government websites.

It is expected that the updated 14th Edition of CSMOP, with a few exceptions
the number of pages compared to previous CSMOPs will receive a lot of attention
are Government officials and the work will be done in an orderly manner as well
immediately four

Department / Department has a responsibility to act
of government policies regarding topics assigned to it under AOB
laws and the implementation, monitoring and review of those policies.

they usually act as camp centers or as
agencies are responsible for the detailed implementation of government policies.
They operate under the direction of the attached office, or where the capacity of
The direction of the officials involved is not great, under the direct department. Kwe
over time, they assist the Departments involved in executive & technical management
news in their professional fields (eg CPWD service center,
CGHS dispensary, Directorate General of Mines & Safety etc.)

those institutions established under the provisions
of the Constitution of India (e.g. Joint Public Service Commission, Elections
Commission, Director and Auditor-General of India, National Commission of
Woman etc.
those institutions established under the Act or the Act
of Parliament (eg Central Monitoring Commission, Central Information Commission,
Central Film Certificate Board, National Back Class Commission etc.
institutions established by the Government to
to perform functions related to government functions. Such bodies
they are given independence to carry out their duties in accordance with the rules
Memorandum of Organizations (e.g. Indian Military Academy, National Institution of
Fashion Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Central Silk Board etc.

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